You may need a water treatment system because untreated water can be harmful to you and your family in several ways. Hard water can cause damage to your skin and hair. This comes in the form of itchy skin, dandruff, eczema and even hair loss. It can also do damage to your pipes and leaves water spots on your dishes.

A lot of untreated water contains unhealthy materials. Public water and well water can pick up chemicals, contaminants and even harmful bacteria. Treating your water is very important if you want to guarantee your family’s health and safety. Here are five reasons to install a water treatment system.

Make Your Water Taste Better

Tap water is often full of chemicals and minerals like chlorine and lead. Sometimes tap water can even contain bacteria. A good water filter removes those unhealthy items. This improves the taste and smell of the water. By finding good water treatment systems Livermore CA, you can greatly improve the taste of your water.

Reduce Costs

If your tap water tastes bad, chances are good that you are buying bottled drinking water. Over time, though, bottled water can be very expensive. A family of four could reasonably expect to spend nearly a thousand dollars a year. A water treatment system could save as much as $600-700 annually.

water treatment

Be Environmentally Conscious

That family of four mentioned above could consume as many as 4300 bottles of water a year. Since plastic bottles take more than 400 years to disintegrate, that’s a lot of pollution. A water filter easily reduces the amount of detritus being produced by your household.

Reduce Skin and Hair Conditions

Hard water is very damaging to both your skin and your hair. Hard water often contains chlorine, fluoride and even some heavy metals. All of these minerals and chemicals wreck your body. If you have sensitive skin or allergies, this can be particularly problematic. Investing in water treatment systems and a water softening system can eliminate all of these skin and hair conditions.

Save on Plumbing Costs

Most people don’t think about all of the ways water flows through the house. The most obvious way it flows is through the pipes. However, water also flows through your garbage disposal, ice maker, dishwasher, water dispenser and clothes washing machine. As hard water builds up at any of these points, it can create damage and clogs. By installing a water softener, you will eliminate this challenge.

Humans depend on water for survival. Don’t accept the untreated public water you have on tap. Find a water treatment system that works for you and protect your family.