If you’re currently in lockdown, you’re not alone. Wondering how the COVID-19 lockdown is your chance to find love? Practically the entire western world is having to make do with the internet as their only source of connection with others. But, so long as it is temporary, is that a bad thing? 

When it comes to your love life, it might not be. Dating apps have made it so that pretty much anybody can hook up whenever they want. Many of us are on a rotating carousel of guys, always looking for the next love interest, never settling. 

Lockdown Is Your Chance To Find Love

No More Random Hookups

The lockdown, however, interrupts this process. You can’t just go out to meet every other guy who messages you. You have no choice but to sit back and consider your options. 

It sounds boring, but it is actually liberating. Moving from one person to the next – as the apps encourage you to do – isn’t how we’re programmed as human beings. We want that elusive pair bonding. But always having a shiny new option on the dating app prevents that process from taking its natural course. And we ultimately wind up without the satisfaction that we want. 

For men, the COVID-19 lockdown is also an opportunity to prepare for when the doors finally open. It is time to get fit at home, maybe book that vasectomy you’ve always wanted, and spend time getting to know others online and whittling down the list. 

For women, dating during Corona lockdown often means feeling less pressure to meet, and maybe that results in more matches and connections. If you feel motivated to meet someone new and you know have that time at your disposal, this could also be a great time to get to the heart of what — and who — you’re looking for.

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Find Decent People Who Will Stick Around

What’s interesting about the lockdown is that it prevents sexuality from becoming a substitute for a good relationship. The only way to keep things going is to chat, find ways to have fun and talk about the things that you’ll do when you’re finally allowed to go out.

COVID-19 lockdown is your chance to find love therefore, it could actually help to create a much better basis for relationships in the future. It ensures that you have a genuine connection with your love interest before you jump into bed with them. It’s like good, old-fashioned chemistry. 

Finding a quality partner is made easier by the current circumstances. The person you’re chatting to online has to stick around for at least the next few weeks – if not months – if they want to be a part of your life. So you’re much less likely to encounter flaky characters who will peel away after the second or third date (or when they get bored).

self distancing is the new self care

You also have more of a run-in to build a quality relationship that naturally flourishes into something more physical and exciting when you meet in person. You have no choice but to become friends, learn about each other, and find common ground. 

That’s not to say that the current lockdown is comfortable. It is anything but. It is also getting in the way of important aspects of relationships – like sex. But now is your chance to put your libido to one side for a while and attempt to connect with people on a different level. Heck, you never know what intellectual or emotional treasures lie within a person until you go digging for them.

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