Extroverted people love to chat to others all day long and they most likely will not feel so drained talking to people. It fills them up and makes them feel like they’re on top of the world. For them, being alone is often a problem. 

But there’s another class of people who feel exhausted, just from holding regular conversations. It drains them and all they want to do is escape the situation. 

If that sounds like you, you’re not alone. It’s something that affects millions of people. But what’s driving it? 

Let’s take a look 🙂 

You’re An Introvert

Psychoanalyst Carl Jung divided people along a spectrum from introverted to extroverted. 

Introverts, he said, were people who needed space to themselves to recharge and get their bearings. Extroverts, on the other hand, are people who need other people to charge them up and feel good about their lives. 

Most people lie somewhere between these two extremes. They require the company of others. But they also need time to themselves. 

You could be an introvert in the classical sense. And there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s just your personality. Knowing this can actually help you go into conversations more confidently. 

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Your Hearing Is Failing

Another common cause of feeling exhausted after a conversation is hearing loss. 

Losing your hearing is something that creeps up on you over a long period. At first, you hardly notice anything has changed. But then, as you get older, you begin to get into situations where it becomes more apparent. 

If you already wear hearing aids but still feel tired after talking to people, you may require hearing aid maintenance. Focusing and concentrating hard on what other people are trying to say to you is a challenging process when you can’t quite hear them. 

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The People Around You Are Toxic

Here’s another reason you feel exhausted just from talking to people: they’re toxic. 

That toxicity can find all sorts of expressions. For instance, people in your life might value things like status above decency or morality. And that could make you feel stressed all the time. Or when they talk to you, they might be constantly making back-handed compliments which drain you emotionally instead of building up. 

You can usually tell whether people are toxic by thinking about how you feel when you interact with different groups. Perhaps, for instance, you have a great group of friends at your yoga practice, but a toxic group at your workplace. You feel fine after chatting with people at the yoga practice, but awful after drinks with work colleagues. 

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People Don’t Motivate You

Lastly, you can sometimes get to the stage in life where you simply lack the motivation to form new relationships or get on with people. So why do you feel so drained talking to people? There can be all sorts of reasons for this. Perhaps you feel depressed. Or maybe somebody betrayed you in the past, and you’re struggling to relate to others in the way you’d like. 

Usually, feelings like these pass and you revert to your base personality. Just know that whatever situation you’re going through is temporary and that it won’t last forever. 

It could also be that instead of having a conversation, your friends or person you are talking to only want to talk about their problems. They manage to unload their emotional problems onto you and as a result, just leave you drained. Try to balance these interactions with those friends, family members and those who actually inspire you.