Most of the time, a vacation romance is meant to be something that lasts only for the duration of your time away from home, and that’s an end to it. That’s really the whole point, and you’re not a couple as such, just two people having fun while away from home. 

Yet sometimes, these holiday romances can turn into something more, and there are countless stories of people finding their soulmates in this way, and going on to marry them and live a happy life together. So how do you know when you should turn your vacation romance into the real thing and become an official couple? Read on for some tips. 

You’ve Actually Got To Know One Another  

One of the reasons why vacation romances don’t usually go much further and certainly don’t last for the long term is that you just don’t know one another very well. You’re attracted to one another, you enjoy spending time together, but if you were to be asked what your lover’s favorite color was or how they liked their coffee or where they were born, you might have trouble. 

However, in some cases, a genuine connection is made, and rather than just something physical, the partnership has evolved into real conversation and getting to know one another on a much deeper level. In this case, if you understand one another, can talk to one another, and have actually got to know one another, there might be a chance for a longer-term relationship. 

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You’re Willing To Make Compromises 

One of the issues with making a vacation romance into something more permanent and profound is that it will probably need to be long-distance. Therefore, one (and ideally both) of you will need to make some compromises and sacrifices. Online chats and video calls are fine to a point, but someone will have to make the move to travel so that you can be together again. This isn’t always easy since it costs money and takes time, but if you are willing to do it, and if they are willing to do the same in return, then perhaps you’re also willing to do what it takes to keep the relationship alive. 

Perhaps you’ll go even further eventually, and one of you will decide that you’re ready and able to move to the other person’s country permanently. There is a lot to consider if this is the case, and you might need to look into a UK ILR application. It’s a big step, but it is a certain sign this is much more than a vacation romance. 

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You Can’t Stop Thinking About Each Other 

Even if the romance while you’re away from home is intense and all-consuming, most of the time, that will fade fairly quickly after you get home and return to the usual way of life that you’re used to. 

BUT if this does not happen, if you cannot stop thinking about your whirlwind romance (and if they feel the same), then it might be worth giving it a chance to see what more could come of it. After all, you just never know, that wedding planning might be next. ❤

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