So here’s the thing, you can absolutely manifest love in your life if that is truly what your heart desires. It just takes an understanding of how you can do it effectively.  Everything in our world starts with a thought which is then converted into energy which eventually will manifest into our physical reality. Seems easy right? So why is that perfect partner that you have been dreaming and thinking about for all this time not standing right in front of you?

There are many things that bring your love desire forward and many things that delay it in coming. I will give you some things you can focus on to increase the positive energy for manifesting love.

Let’s start at the beginning. You desire a new relationship. You can picture how your life will be with someone who truly loves you and wants to spend time with you. Maybe they are a tall drink of water or you want the girl next door. Whatever you are envisioning must come from the heart and must make you feel happy when you picture it. Spending time focusing on how past relationships went wrong or how lonely you currently are, is not a positive energy that will help you bring this new love forward.

How to Use Law of Attraction to Manifest Love

In addition, if you are thinking of this new love with desperation, it will push the energy away. To manifest love in your life, be sure to visualize this new relationship with all the joy and happiness you can muster right now. Imagine how you will feel once they are in your life. Put them in a scenario with you that would make you feel happy that they are there, maybe they are shopping with you or you are going to see a movie together.

Once you get the flow of feeling this new relationship very positively for while, it is time to let go of it. I don’t mean letting go of the desire but letting go of the need. Let me explain. If we “need” something, we are telling the universe that we don’t have it. The universe responds to us with the energy that we are sending out so the more we are putting out – Where is my love? Why is it not here yet? Why have I not met my person? I have been single for soooo long! It will never happen for me…. This is what the universe will send back to us.

So we must let go of the neediness, the desperate wanting and replace it with a knowing that the love we want is on its way. Replace the need with trust. Imagine you made an order on Amazon and you receive notice it will arrive on Wednesday. You do not spend you time in the days before worrying about it not arriving or doubting that it will. You let go of it and trust it will arrive.

If you do find yourself on any of these negative tracks, shift your focus on something positive. It helps to have fun and get on with your life. Go out with friends, visit with family, join a club. Stay busy, enjoy your life with the knowledge that when the time is right, your love will appear.

You may hear people say that their relationship appeared when they least expected it, and this is so true. Why? Because they let go of the need.  When I think back of my relationships I can say this is 100% true. I remember meeting one boyfriend when I went out with friends just to enjoy their company and I wanted to take a break from dating. It was not something that I just said, I really felt that at the time.

The universe read this energy as me not “needing” someone, with me being content with how things were at the moment and suddenly there he was. The perfect guy. Be happy with things now and it will make a huge difference with what is on its way to you.

How To Manifest Love

So you have been visualizing the positive aspects of your new relationship, you have dropped all the negative desperation around it – when will your love manifest in reality? Well that’s the thing, the universe will bring things to you when it is the ideal time for you in the big scheme of things – not when YOU think it is the ideal time. If you want to trigger strong feelings of attraction and adoration in your man, you have to know how to get on the same frequency with him.

Have you every wanted a new job like yesterday but it actually took you a year to find one. Did you feel unlucky or frustrated? Of course you did but you were not able to see the big picture like the universe can. Maybe that job you did not get would have made you even more miserable. We may never know the reasons why some things work out and others don’t but what you should always remember is that things don’t happen to us but rather happen for us. Trust that the timing is will be right.

How to Attract a Specific Person

My last words of advice come from talking to people who say they want a relationship but are not doing anything towards finding one. The universe loves it when you take action toward your desires. If you are going home every night after work and cleaning your apartment on the weekends – the odds are very slim that you will find your specific person. You need to put yourself out in the real world so this real person can find you! Walk the dog, join a gym, go have some drinks with friends. Do whatever you can to get this desire moving in the right direction.

Send out this fun and positive energy to the universe, enjoy your life right now and watch the magic happen.

I was able to successfully manifest the love of my life and you can to. Join my newsletter for relationship advice and attract that special someone.