So what is a social media influencer in the first place? In spite of popular belief, an influencer is not someone who spends most their time hanging out on social media, taking selfies and other pics and trying to look important. Influencers do have to actually influence the behavior of those that follow them on social media.

Social media influencers get those opportunities because they have built a reputation for their knowledge and expertise on a certain topics or areas of lifestyle. They post frequently  about those topics on their various social media channels and as a result they are able to generate large followings of hopefully excited and engaged people. In turn when they “promote” a product or service, their followers are influenced to purchase the product or at least share or otherwise engage with the post. 

The internet doesn’t always get the best rap, but there’s no denying that there are some pretty solid reasons to love what it brings to our lives. There’s never been a period of human history where it was as easy to make money from wherever you happen to be than it is right now, and that’s all thanks to the wonders of the internet. There are many, many different jobs to choose from, but perhaps the most glamorous is ‘social media influencer.’ It arguably doesn’t get any better than building an income by doing and promoting things that you love! It is a true 21st-century success story. 

How to Become an Influencer

So now that you know what is a social media influencer, want to know how can you become one yourself? Lets discuss some essential ingredients that’ll put you on the right path.

Find Your Area

Social media influencers know what they’re talking about. There’s a lot more that goes into building a social media influencer empire than simply expertise, but it is a key ingredient. If you don’t know what you’re talking about, then you’ll be found out pretty quickly. When you’re thinking about becoming an influencer, first identify your niche area. It could be sustainable travel, working out without equipment, whatever — but you have to have a hook that sets you apart from others.

Get Inspired

It can feel like an uphill battle when you’re trying to become an influencer and to fully understand what is a social media influencer, and how to be a good one. And it should feel that way — if it were easy, then everyone would do it. If you’re going to realize your dream, then you’ll need to keep the motivation that you began with. And how should you do this? One of the simplest ways to look at people who have been where you started and went on to become a success, such as Ella Orten. These stories are always useful reminders that what you’re trying to achieve is possible. 

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Choose Your Social Media Platform 

It’s likely that you’ll have a presence on all social media platforms, but there’ll be one or two that you devote more time to. How you decide which ones those are will depend on what you’re trying to give to the world. Professional development? LinkedIn will be your place. Clothes and fashion? Instagram. As well as picking your platform, it’ll be worthwhile having an idea of who specifically you’re trying to target. Your audience will likely be highly specific and quite small, but that’s how it’s got to be.

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Engage with Your Followers 

And talking of your audience, be sure to engage with them! The very top influencers are famous and don’t spend all that much time talking to their followers, but you, of course, are not Kim Kardashian. So make sure that you’re engaged in a dialogue with your followers, rather than just sending out messages. Think of your social media profiles as your home — you’re trying to engage with people and bring them into the world you’ve created. Reply to messages, follow other accounts, and all-around show that you’re a real, approachable person that genuinely cares for their followers.