So what are the 3 biggest health trends that you are going to be hearing about this year? Health foods and dietary supplements are everywhere these days and every now and then the next big thing comes along that all the celebrities are doing. Then they seemingly trickle into society and the general public uses them for a while before another celebrity endorses another product, and so on.

But behind all the fad diets and fringe supplements that don’t do much more than provide a small increase in vitamins and minerals to anyone who eats healthy anyway, there are sometimes products that have genuine benefits and should be considered.

Some of the currently biggest health trends are:

  • Collagen supplements
  • Immune boosters
  • Hyperlocal food

Collagen is known for its use in the cosmetics industry but consumption of collagen can have real health benefits as we get a little older while immune system boosters might be a good idea to help combat Covid-19 before and after vaccination. Hyperlocal produce is fast becoming a booming business as people are becoming more aware of mass-produced food.

Not Just for the Lips

We have all heard of collagen injections that women, and indeed men receive as part of their beauty regimen in order to smooth out wrinkles and plump up lips, but as the primary protein structure in the human body, collagen plays a vital role in maintaining healthy bones, skin, and muscles and is the material that composes ligaments and cartilage.

From around age 30 onwards, collagen levels in the body begin to decline which can lead to cosmetic issues such as sagging skin and wrinkles but more importantly stiff joints and sore muscles. The good news though is that collagen levels can be maintained into the aging process without nasty injections or bizarre Hollywood procedures.

Collagen products can indeed be injected with beauty products like Starskin, but they can also be taken as daily tablets found in health stores such as Holland & Barret or as odorless and tasteless powders that can be mixed in food or in drinks as with ANCIENT + BRAVE True Collagen.

Every Little Helps

The Covid-19 pandemic has hit the world hard and many tragic deaths into the millions have been suffered by countless families. News of vaccines has brought little hope as the poorer nations scramble to get what they can while developed countries bicker over what is available.

One positive thing to come from all this however is that more people have come to realize the importance of hygiene, health, and looking after the immune system as a vital resource in combating viruses. A healthy immune system doesn’t guarantee protection against Coronavirus but it can’t hurt your chances of potentially beating it or contracting it a second time.

Given that flu season is in full swing as well, a healthy immune system is vital for staving off any other potential viruses or colds. Elderberries, ginger, and turmeric are all marketed as common supplements for helping combat viruses and boosting the immune system.

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As Fresh as it Can Get

As more and more people are becoming aware of where their food comes from and how it is produced, some alternative foodies are ditching the supermarket and even the local market in order to acquire hyperlocal produce and it is one of the biggest health trends right now. Hyperlocal produce is usually associated with restaurants that grow their own vegetables, raise livestock and cultivate fish.

But all it basically means is food sourced from your immediate vicinity such as from the allotment across the street, your neighbor or friend, or even yourself. Such close proximity to a food source means that you can pick your vegetables that afternoon and have them in a dish for dinner that night, meaning no nutrition at all is lost.

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Sourcing food in this way means that you also know exactly where it has come from, who has handled it, and how it has been cultivated. Have these animals been treated well and is there pesticide on this carrot? What goes on in farms that supply supermarket chains is a mystery to most of us and some of the horror stories that have been revealed over the years means that going hyperlocal will definitely put your mind at ease.