You may wish to know how to vape safely because in a perfect world, quitting smoking would be as straightforward as clicking your fingers. Of course, the world is far from perfect, and cutting down your daily intake is tough, never mind quitting altogether. Sure, clear skin and healthy lungs are the goals, but addiction takes time to break.

Thankfully, vaping is an alternative that’s less harmful than chain-smoking cigarettes. However, it’s not a foolproof method. To take advantage of it properly, you need to remember a couple of essential health tips. Otherwise, you could end up swapping one compulsion for another.

Here are the hacks vapers should keep in mind:

Analyze Your Vaping Usage

Buy Quality Vaping Products

The first thing to note about the vaping industry is that it’s similar to every other sector. How? It’s down to the difference in available products. Yes, you can invest in a pen and liquid and spend less than $25 (£20) per month, yet there’s no way to gauge the impact on your body. High-quality eliquid is the key as you know that no foreign chemicals are going into your lungs or blood. According to experts, the ingredient to watch out for is diacetyl as it might damage the lungs in large quantities. Always read the packaging before buying it in order to vape safely.

Use Stronger Nicotine

As a rule, you want to wean yourself off vaping by lowering your addiction to nicotine, the chemical that makes you crave a cigarette. So, the idea that you should use liquids with more potent doses sounds counterproductive. However, there is a method to the madness.

In this case, toking on a pen that is packed with nicotine will (hopefully) encourage you to vape less frequently. After all, products that aren’t strong enough will only make you turn back to your vaping device. Even worse, it could lead to you smoking again, which is the worst-case scenario.

The Secret to Changing Bad Habits

Don’t Inhale

It sounds pretty basic, doesn’t it? If anything, this trick seems as if it’s that simple that it won’t work. Imagine telling your doctor that you didn’t smoke because you didn’t inhale – they’d laugh you out of their surgery! Even so, research from the UK suggests that you consume less nicotine when you fail to inhale.

And, considering vaping has fewer health risks, this hack can make your reliance on vaping less intense. The report concludes that e-cigarettes are helpful for smokers, but this sneaky tip can make your lifestyle healthier. Try it the next time and see how you feel after a couple of days.

Quality Vaping Products


Analyze Your Vaping Usage

Making notes isn’t a process that is synonymous with quitting smoking. Yet, it’s an integral part of vaping safely because so many vapers fall into the trap of chasing smoke. This means you inhale more nicotine or as much as when you smoked since you believe to be healthier.

And, while it is a safer option than cigarettes, the goal should be to eliminate your addiction. Writing down how often you reach for your electronic pen should open your eyes to your level of usage. If it’s excessive, you can take the necessary steps to cut back.

Are you a vaper? How do you keep your urges in check to vape safely? Let us know!