Getting quality sleep will considerably enhance your productivity. Most people are not getting enough sleep since they are too busy with their lives. In case all you do when you lie down to your bed is to toss and turn you will be surprised that you are not the only one suffering from this.

Distractions on sleep may start at a young age, and as you age, the sleep apnea, menopause, and pain will keep you awake. If you have difficulty falling or staying asleep, it can affect all aspects of daily life. Here are some tips for falling (and staying) asleep. To help you improve the quality of your sleep, we have listed the 5 ways to get better sleep.

Recommended 5 Ways to Get Better Sleep

According to the research, the quality of sleep has been linked with cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and obesity. It is one of the foundations of an improved health. Follow these 5 ways to get better sleep to stay away from the associated risks.

  1. Turn off the Lights

Study shows that difficulty in sleeping can be blamed on the blue lights of your gadgets. In case you have been constantly exposed to lights while you are lying on your bed, it can negatively affect your body clock.

Artificial light has been proven to increase our brain activity, body temperature, and heart rates that will make you feel active. It also prevents the production of melanin, the hormone that makes us sleepy. One of the 5 ways to get better sleep is to avoid using your electronic gadgets in the bedroom.

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How To Get Better Sleep

  1. Therapy

There are behavioral therapies that can help you overcome your insomnia. A recent study conducted at the Loughborough University shows that behavioral therapy is indeed one of the 5 ways to get better sleep. Cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia includes regular, often weekly, visits to a clinician, who will give you a series of sleep assessments, ask you to complete a sleep diary and work with you in sessions to help you change the way you sleep.

  1. Develop Good Habits

Having a better sleep will involve different positive habits such as avoiding exercise, and heavy meals before going to bed. Experts also believe that the ambiance of your room can affect the quality of your sleep. Turn your bedroom into a cool, dark environment. Avoiding caffeine should also be included in this list of 5 ways to get better sleep, try not to drink caffeine after 2pm.

Ease the transition from wake time to sleep time with a period of calming activities an hour or so before bed. Take a bath (the rise, then fall in body temperature promotes drowsiness), read a book, watch television, or practice relaxation exercises. Avoid stressful, stimulating activities—doing work, discussing emotional issues.

There are also effective ways on how you can block out the unwanted noises such as listening to the constant and low sound of your fan or using an app which has white noise.

  1. Sleep Supplements

Consuming a sleep supplement is one of the 5 ways to get better sleep. However, it is only a short-term solution since most of the supplements sold in the market will make you feel unsteady and they prescribed ones can be addictive.

If you prefer trying natural supplements, the most common ones are:


Valerian Root



Passion Flower

You should not expect that taking a sleep supplement will instantly transform you from an insomniac person to a perfect sleepy head in one night, but overtime, most people do report a difference.

Mosiac Weighted Blanket for Sleep

  1. Weighted Blankets

If you have not heard about weighted blankets yet – you will. The theory with weighted blankets is that a heavier than normal weight on your body hugs you and may prevent you from tossing and turning. As a result, you feel more snug, secure and comforted. We have been swaddling babies for centuries and for good reason, it is very calming.

Heavy blankets have also been used as therapy for people with anxiety, PTSD, ADHD & Autism. The advantages over supplements or therapy is that you CAN feel the difference overnight, on your very first sleep. Some reviewers of the Mosaic Weighted Blankets state that they no longer wake up in the middle of the night and fall asleep instantly.

If you want to reduce stress, reduce anxiety, stay relaxed and sleep better, then a weighted blanket may be for you. Mosaic Weighted Blankets also come in a variety of colors and patterns. To pick an ideal weight, be sure to get one which is 10% of your body weight.

Mosaic 540x140These 5 ways to get better sleep will help you attain a worthy rest that will keep you energetic and more productive. Getting enough sleep is one of the best things you can do for your health.