There are many benefits of shoulder exercises for women. A toned, round and wider shoulder will definitely look good in a dress or open top. In addition, it could make your waist and hips look slender. You will also look enhanced and strong, which is the new sexy.

Ladies however are guilty of focusing on their butt, legs, or abs, and forgetting about their shoulders. This is because you cannot see the area and let’s face it, most people don’t  get compliments about their shoulders. But with these exercises maybe now you will. It certainly worked for Michelle Obama!

While doing shoulder exercises for women, the muscles you need to target are the deltoids. They are thick, strong muscles tasked with moving the arms in several directions. You will find deltoids above your arms on top of the shoulders.

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Points to Note before Exercising

Before exercising your shoulder muscles, you may need to warm up your whole body, while still focusing deltoids. The standard workouts require the use of free weights or dumbbells. Heavyweights, on the other hand, may not allow you to perform shoulder motions correctly. In addition, they may limit the number of reps and sets you can do. Furthermore, heavyweights may cause injuries.

The ideal weight is one that offers a challenge but allows free movements. Additionally, avoid erratic swings or twitching when doing weight training. After doing shoulder exercises for women, be sure to take time to do stretches.

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The Top 5 Shoulder Exercises for Women

Here are some of the exercises: Note that there are excellent video tutorials online that can help you perform the following movements correctly.


#1: Shoulder Press

Shoulder Press

You perform the motion when seated of a chair with dumbbells on both hands. It targets the shoulders and helps them to become strong. This training also increases the shoulder’s range of motion. Do four sets of 15 reps for this exercise.


#2: Front Lateral Raise

front lateral raise

Stand upright with your arms resting by your sides while holding dumbbells. Slowly raise the weights in front of you while keeping your arms straight until the dumbbells are above your shoulders. You can do three sets of 20 reps for the motion. It will help you develop the middle section of your shoulders.

The side lateral raise is similar to the front. However, you raise the dumbbells to your sides.


#3: Back Lateral Raises

back lateral raise

The exercise targets your upper back muscles and shoulders.  To perform this motion, bend slightly forward and lift the dumbbells to your sides.


#4: Dumbbell Upright Rows

Dumbbell Upright Rows

The exercise involves raising the dumbbells up and down in an alternating motion. You raise the dumbbell straight to your face while standing.


#5: Seated Rear Lateral Raise

The exercise tightens and rounds out your shoulder muscles. For the exercise, sit at the end of a workout bench. Your feet should be apart, and hold two-to-five pound dumbbells on both hands. Arch your upper body to 45-degrees, and move the weights apart so that your arms are straight. Do not bend your elbows, and do up to 10 reps.

How to See Faster Results

You can incorporate other shoulder exercises for women that include fitness equipment. For fast results, focus on creating a healthy weekly diet, and do more reps. Otherwise, keep at it, you will see a difference soon.


Amazing Shoulder Exercises for Women