The Women’s Big Book of Exercises is the essential workout guide for anyone who wants a better body. As the most comprehensive collection of exercises ever written specifically for women, this book is a body-shaping power tool for both beginners and longtime fitness buffs alike. This book contains hundreds of useful tips, the latest findings in exercise science, and cutting-edge workouts from the world’s top trainers.
Revised edition includes 100 new exercises!

Backed by the authority of Women’s Health magazine, this updated and revised edition features 100 new exercises in 20 workouts designed by BJ Gaddour, the Fitness Director of Men’s Health magazine, and 1,350 photographs, showing movements for every muscle and training plan to match every fitness goal.

Forget about fad diets. This teaches you how to exercise properly, how your muscles work, gives workout plan and is generally a great book any fitness enthusiast should have.

The illustrations are very clear and they target specific muscle areas and teach you how to maintain them.

In this day and age, the info is easily extracted via Internet, however, nothing beats having the book handy and having marked out which pages of exercises I want to do. Beginner to advanced can use this book. I worked out with my baby beside me while laying on the floor and managed to get a good glute workout in!

By working out at home, you control when class starts and ends. You no longer have to rearrange your schedule around child care or your favorite class. Sometimes the stress of doing that makes us need a workout even more! You can fit in workouts at home when you have time and work out in shifts if you need to.

Price: $13.67