Looking for reasons why you are not losing weight? Do you feel that despite your absolute BEST efforts, you just can’t lose the weight you want to lose? Well, you’re not alone sister. Thousands of women go online every single day to find the weight loss solution that will finally work for them. And yet… they almost always make at least one – if not all – of the mistakes below.

Well, this is the day you experience an ‘AHA’ moment. By knowing these common mistakes that most women make when trying to drop the pounds, you’ll be able to get past them and move on to the RESULTS you want to see.

Reasons Why You Are Not Losing Weight

#1 – Drastically Cutting Calories

Ever heard of HANGRY? It means HUNGER + ANGRY, and it’s the common state of existence most women are in when they dramatically cut their calorie intake. But apart from this ‘suffering’, please know that as weird as it sounds, if you slash your calories back too far, your body will just want to HOLD ON to fat because it thinks you’re in ‘starvation mode’.

#2 – Not Choosing a Weight Loss Plan FOR WOMEN

Men are from Mars, women are from Venus. Truer words were never spoken. So since we all know that we’re so physically different from each other, doesn’t it make perfect sense to adapt a weight loss plan that’s specifically for women?

You have a different body structure; you have different hormone levels; even the way you think about food is so different from men!

The Top 5 Reasons Why You Are Not Losing Weight

#3 – Over-Rewarding
Another common mistake women make and is one of the reasons why you are not losing weight is to over reward ourselves with ‘treats’ because we think be ‘burned’ enough to compensate for them. Sorry ladies, time on the treadmill doesn’t necessarily mean a license to binge.

To truly understand how much you’re ‘burning’ and ‘eating’, try free online tools like MyFitnessPal. You can put in your activity (e.g., house chores for 1 hour) and see how much calories you burned; and then you can see if that activity is enough to compensate for that donut.

#4 – Under-Sleeping

Beauty sleep is important ladies! “Appetite and hunger hormones are greatly influenced by how much sleep you get,” says Pamela Peeke, MD. “Skimp and you’re more likely to eat everything that’s not tacked down.”

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Lose Weight by Sleeping More


#5 – Over-Thinking

What can I say; this is how we’re built. It’s part of that ‘being from Venus’ thing again.☺ However, just because weight loss seems ‘daunting’ it doesn’t mean that it’s complicated.

Truth be told, all you need are just a few female body-focused, smart strategies to UNLOCK your body’s natural ability to release fat and use that fat for energy. Read more at the bottom, if you want to learn more.

So that’s it ladies. Knowledge is power; so now that you know these common weight loss mistakes women make, heed those who have gone before you and don’t make them too! So what should you be doing instead?………

The Top 3 Ways to Lose Weight… NOW

Ok, this is it. You’re going to do it. You’ve decided that NOW is the time to lose weight. Good for you! Deciding to lose weight is highly commendable, and that decision can be equal parts motivating and daunting. But don’t worry; I got you. So just read on; absorb; and succeed!

Set a Series of Mini Weight Goals

Set a Series of Mini Goals

For many women, trying to lose weight can be a very overwhelming, even intimidating, goal. But that’s only because most women look at a specific, future number on the scale. Think about it; if you’re 170 lbs (77 kgs) now and want to be 125 lbs (56 kgs), those 45 lbs seem like a ginormous amount of weight to drop.

However, if you set a series of mini goals that are doable and easily achievable, you wake up one morning and BAM! you’ll have a hard time yourself believing how far you’ve come in such a short span of time.

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FOCUS On the Good, DUMP the Bad

Here’s what many women confess that they DID NOT expect to encounter when they started on their weight loss journeys: the people (family and/or friends) who they thought would be their best cheerleaders seem to be the very ones trying to sabotage their efforts.

There are many reasons for this: jealousy, sense of being left behind, and sometimes even just a genuine concern for you (out of MISinformation they may have about weight loss themselves).

Here’s the thing though, just FOCUS on what’s good. Concentrate on the people cheering and supporting you, and overlook the people sending bad vibes (at least for now). Trust me; this is NOT the time to dwell on negativity.

On the other side of the coin, you should also learn to accept help.

Don’t get too focused on ‘doing your own thing’ that you overlook genuine help. For instance, a friend may offer doing ‘meal preps’ together or may invite you to an aerobic or dance class. Be open to any new experience that will advance you in your weight loss endeavors and break down all the reasons why you are not losing weight once and for all.

Find a System That Works WITH YOU, Not Against You

Following the wrong diet is like trying to swim against the waves… BIG, ROLLING WAVES that knock you back further than your initial starting point. Boo!

You’re a woman and you have a different body structure and different hormone levels than men and its one of the reasons why you are not losing weight. The wrong diet can actually use your body AGAINST you, making you feel as if you’re taking one very difficult step forward, only to be knocked two steps back.

Women’s ‘daily routines’ are different too. Women take care of their kids and their dizzying schedules, see after their husbands, run a business, manage entire households (sometimes more than one!)… a diet that requires you to drastically cut back on calories will affect energy levels, and make it very difficult for you to do the things that you need to do.

Reasons Why You Have Stopped Losing Weight