Want to give yourself the most important gift a woman can give herself? Everybody needs to be treated to something special now and then.  And nobody more so than we women.  We’re working hard, taking care of our families . . . and discovering new aspects of ourselves with each passing day.

In a very real sense, even with all the responsibilities that we tackle everyday, our lives are blessed.  But it’s no secret, though, that every now and then the entire process can be overwhelming.  It seems that when one aspect of our lives starts to unravel everything else does as well.  It’s like that thread in your favorite suit.  Before you know it there’s not much of the suit left!

That’s when it’s time to take a giant step back and s-l-o-w d-o-w-n!  Actually it’s time to give yourself the best gift of all: the present moment!  Here are seven presents to yourself to keep yourself firmly planted in the present moment – and enjoying it – for as long as possible.

Give Yourself the Best Gift

1. Let go of a long-standing grudge. Don’t ruin your “right here” good feelings by reliving an incident that didn’t turn out the way you would have liked it.  Sit yourself down and write a letter to the person explaining that you’re no longer holding a grudge.  Tell her the past is the past!  Now, if you don’t want to send it, don’t.  Merely tuck it away someone.  Just letting go of those feelings make a tremendous difference in your attitude.

2. Take a walk in nature today. Go ahead, enjoy the sun, the wind, even a light shower if you’d like.  If it has just recently rain, don’t forget to jump into every puddle you find along your way.  Revel not only in nature, but in the thought of being as free as a child in your delight of everything around you.  When you return to work or home, notice how much more light hearted you are!

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3. Make a list of your strengths. Do it right now, yes. After all there’s no time like the present!  Every time you feel as if you’re not living up to your potential or you feel as if nothing is going right in your life, study your list.  Don’t tell me you can’t think of any strengths to list.  If you hit a roadblock listing them, consult a close, trusted friend.  She’ll let you know what your strengths are.  Then list hers for her.  Have your friend perform this activity as well.

4. Tell yourself – and actually believe it! – that you can do it when a new project deadline is dropped on your lap. That is the first – and most important step – to success: believing in your own talents and abilities.  The next step?  Actually  using them!  Yeah, it really is that simply!

5. Believe that dreams come true! Because they really do.  And when we reach our midlife especially, that’s when many of our old dreams resurface.  Don’t let them die the second time around. In fact, right now, right this instant, name one dream you’ve always had but never acted on. It doesn’t even have to be a big dream.  Now believe you can accomplish this dream.  And begin to take steps today to make it happen.  Don’t stop visualizing it and working toward it until it really does materialize for you.

6. Cross one item off your to-do list today! Give yourself a short break!

7. Buy pizza tonight or supper, serve it on paper plates and then spend the time you have spent cooking and doing dishes in the bathtub luxuriating in a long, hot glorious bath.

After all there’s no better present than the present! It really is the most important gift a woman can give herself and every one of us deserves it!