Is there one hairstyle looks good on everyone? How can that be when we all have different hair textures and face shapes? Well there is one hairstyle that will look good on you and your best friend and your cousin too.

The reason we obsess and scroll through Pinterest and Instagram when looking for inspiration for out next haircuts is because the only way to truly find out if a certain cut works for your face shape, hair texture, and lifestyle is through trial and error.

But, there’s one exception to the rule that haircuts can’t be one-size-fits-all: the lob. It’s exactly why you’ve seen so many celebs get the shoulder-grazing cut in the past few years, and why it’s remained so popular. No other style can be counted on to be universally flattering for every face shape and hair type.

If you’re finally ready to take the plunge and give the cut a try, we turned to top celebrity hairstylists to find out the three best ways to wear a lob – THE hairstyle that looks good on Everyone including you!

The Blunt Lob


THE LOOK: Celebrity hairstylist Renato Campora describes this cut as “blunt and uniform with no layers.” Since it elongates the neck, it makes you appear more statuesque. “If you go any shorter, it becomes a bob and you lose the versatility,” he adds.


IT’S PERFECT FOR: Anyone whose hair is fine or fried from heated styling tools. “This returns it to healthy without being tied down to a short style,” says Campora. “It gets rid of stringy ends, so hair looks thicker.”

The Long Layered Lob


THE LOOK: Chin-length layers will add texture and movement to a lob.

IT’S PERFECT FOR: Celebrity hairstylist Mara Roszak says this cut is “chic, pulled together, and a bit more sophisticated than flowing, beachy layers.” If you have a long face, the layers will add more width. To give your style extra volume, run a body-building mousse such as Kérastase Densifique Densimorphose ($42; through your hair when it’s damp.


With this cut, you’ve got styling options. Keep your part down the center for an effortless finish, or move it over to the side for a more dressed-up look. Braiding your front pieces for a Grecian-style updo is a great alternative to wearing your strands down.

The Choppy Lob


THE LOOK: Celebrity hairstylist Mark Townsend says that the the wispy layers are crucial to this cut. He uses thinning shears for the back layers to soften any hard lines, but recommends keeping the layers long to keep the look modern.


IT’S PERFECT FOR: Everybody—Townsend says this style is suitable for all face shapes. “It’s modern and young and gives your do some edge,” he says. “It’s also a good start for any woman who’s afraid to cut her hair.” Blast your hair with a few shots of Dove’s Refresh + Care Volume & Fullness Dry Shampoo ($4; for extra texture and movement.

“This cut is versatile because it’s long enough to be pulled into a chignon or ponytail,” says Townsend, “and it can also handle intricate, Old Hollywood styles. It’s not like you’re committing to a look that limits your styling options.”

So there you have it, the One Hairstyle that looks good on Everyone!


Via /Images: Getty Images