Scrapbooking has become an extremely popular hobby. To begin scrapbooking, you must choose a theme or group of themes on which to base your material. There are many possibilities on which you could base your scrapbooks, but a good rule of thumb is to scrapbook things which are of importance and have sentimental value to you.

Scrapbooking is a hobby that is rapidly increasing in popularity. Everyone has photographs and bits and pieces of their lives that they would like to preserve. Scrapbooking is an excellent way to do this. You will not have to look far to pinpoint which parts of your life you would like to preserve in a scrapbook. Many people begin their scrapbooking by chronicling their wedding day photos and small mementos such as wedding invitations, guests lists, and perhaps dried flowers.

Possible scrapbooking themes do not end with weddings. The birth of a child is a time that is precious to all mothers. Scrapbooking ideas for a new baby include baby shower photos and invitations, ultrasound pictures, and perhaps even ribbons and balloons. Any items of sentimental value can easily be incorporated into your scrapbook. Most parents like to continue this theme with scrapbooks that follow the growth and development of their child.

Another excellent topic for a scrapbook would be an activity or club that a person cherishes. Sports and similar activities are great ideas for a scrapbook. A collection of team photos, rosters, and team memorabilia would create a permanent record of these special times in a person’s life. You could even consider having team-mates or club members ‘autograph’ your scrapbook beside team or individual photos.

Family reunions and activities are fantastic themes for scrapbooks. Family photos, amusing happenings or anecdotes, and a schedule of events are great ways to remember the treasured times spent with family. Bringing your scrapbooks to each year’s reunion is sure to spark conversation and fond memories. You could even create a scrapbook to be given away to the family member who brings the oldest family photo or as a prize for the oldest or youngest family member present

There are numerous ideas for scrapbooking based on various aspects of your life. Office parties, job promotions, and starting your own business are fun scrapbooking concepts. Work related scrapbooks give you an opportunity to introduce a bit of light-heartedness into what is normally a professional, routine atmosphere. Caricatures of staff members, business cards, photos, and humorous quotes from co-workers are excellent ideas for a work related scrapbook. Your co-workers will surely be impressed and appreciate your efforts.

The possible themes for scrapbooks based on your life are almost endless. The only requirement for scrapbooking is that you base them on the people and activities that are important in your life. Over time, your scrapbooks can become an important tradition to you and your family. Scrapbooks can invoke laughter, tears, and most importantly, create quality time spent with your friends and family reminiscing about the precious moments in your lives.