My Sweet Reads Box Review for November 2020 – As I contemplated how I was going to make it through a long, cold winter this year, I tried to come up with something that I could look forward to. Something fun! Living in Canada and having to deal with winter, my family usually travel somewhere warm for a week or two, it really helps. With Covid and travel not being an option that we want to risk this year – the winter looked pretty bleak.

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I have always loved surprises. Getting a gift box, no knowing what is inside. Fun! I had always wanted to try a subscription box and thought just might be something to look forward to this winter. It is incredible how many boxed there are now. To think it started with a Dollar a Razor club or Socks of Month, there are now hundreds of different subscription box options to choose from with themes for just about everything.

I settled on the Sweet Reads Box for a few reasons. One, next to traveling I love to read. I liked the idea of getting a new book every month, one that is vetted and bound to be a bestseller but one I may not have chosen myself. I also liked the surprise of getting accompanying ‘treats’ to got with it. And, Sweet Reads being a Canadian company and I am in Canada, the shipping is included.

When I ordered my subscription box in October, that month was already sold out so I got my first Sweet Reads Box in November. I was excited to see what was inside!

Sweet Reads Box 1

One of the distinctive added touches that comes with each Sweet Reads Box is a special card that contains a related quote that reflects on the theme of the novel and Sweet Reads box contents.

A description of each item in the box can be found on the back of the card, and ties everything in the subscription box together.

So lets dig in to the Sweet Reads Box Review November 2020 subscription box.

First of all there is the book. It is the Forgotten Daughter by Canadian writer Joanna Goodman. It is an unbridled love story of Veronique Fortin, the daughter of a radical separatist, and James Phénix, a French-Canadian journalist who opposes Quebec separatism. I do love the genre of historical fiction but this book is probably not one I would have chosen on my own so I am very much looking forward to reading it.

To go along with the French Canadian theme there is a Canada eco cloth, a chocolate bar from a Quebec chocolatier and some Wanderflower lip balm.

To go with the cold winter nights’ s some Masala Chai and a lovely winter hat.

A special bonus is a delightful jewelry box from Danica Studio.

Sweet Reads Box 2

Was I happy with the Sweet Reads Box that I received? YES. The items are good quality and definitely worth more than what I paid for the box. I really like the idea of items being related to the book and their uniqueness. In addition, just looking forward to something each month will help me get through those long cold winter times that are coming and that to me is worth it.

There are a couple different ways that you can subscribe all with free shipping! You can choose a one month, three month or six month commitment. Of you can also get one of their specialty boxes that they offer.

So if you are looking for some “me time” in your future, check out Sweet Reads for a wonderful surprise! If you are in the USA or elsewhere, check out subscription boxes which ship internationally >>>>>>>>>>>>

My Sweet Reads Box Review for November is done, I am going back to my book and a cup of tea!