Stress can change our point of view, in fact, stress changes how you see everything. Negative emotions can cloud the way that we view our life and the world in general. Is stress turning you into a cynic? Here’s how stress can affect your outlook on the world.

For parents, life can become like an endless loop. We rise in the morning, go to work, come home, pay bills, go to sleep and get up and do it all over again. Some days, you can feel like the hamster on the wheel. Anxiety anyone?

Stressed Mom

It is easy to take the everyday pressures in our lives and generalize them. Having children can make you think back to the time before you were a mother. You could come and go as you pleased and didn’t have to worry about anyone besides yourself. Glamorizing that period of your life can make you feel as if you have traded down instead of up.

Giving up your job to raise a family can see you wishing for more fulfillments in your life. Society’s outlook on motherhood can give the idea that it is not as important a contribution to society as being a lawyer or working at a hospital. You may wonder why you left your job.

These feelings can be brought on by stress. Being knee deep in dirty diapers, or up to your elbows in dirty dishes day in and day out, tends to send us in search of escape. The need for an escape is from the stress, not our families. We tend to confuse the two and that is where we get into trouble.

We could easily have been a career woman who looks back on her life and regrets not having children. This could be brought on by stress in the workplace that has us longing for something to ease the problems. When we are under stress our thinking can be skewed.


Running on that hamster wheel each day can have us wondering if there will ever be anything more to our lives. Let this question lead us to sit down and take a deep breath instead of doing anything rash. Make a list of all of the things that you want to do in life. Don’t omit anything because you have children or because of your age or marital status.

Once you have the list, research ways to accomplish these goals if they are realistic. We are not trapped by our families. Our families can help us to live out our dreams. We teach our kids that they can do whatever they want in life. That goes for us, too. Change the way you look at your life and you’ll change the way the world seems to you.

If you want to take up rock climbing, take the family with you. Let them be a part of your triumph. The world doesn’t look as daunting when we know there is more to life than what we see and feel right now.

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How to Deal With Stress and Still Focus on  a Positive Future

Get enough sleep and rest

When tired and exhausted, it is much easier to become negative, frustrated and unhappy. Strive not to overwork and exhaust yourself. You should get enough sleep at night, and get some rest, every now and then. Sleep and rest calm your body and your mind. When you are calm, it is easier to deal with negativeness and not let them affect you.

Bring more positive vibes into your life to ease stress

Take action, be more active, start new projects and do things that bring happiness into your life. Watch funny and entertaining movies, and read positive quotes and inspirational stories. It would also a good idea to read about successful people who did not allow their circumstances to limit their dreams and their goals. All this, will affect your state of mind.

Focus on solutions, not on problems

When things are tough, we tend to focus on the problems. Focusing on problems, makes them grow, and if we don’t do anything about them, we become unhappy, frustrated and pessimistic and stressed. And then the stress changes how you see everything after that. If we maintain a positive attitude, believe that there is a solution, and keep looking for it, we will ultimately find it.

Exercise your body

Exercising your body improves your health, your energy level, and your inner strength. This makes it easier to think positively and face difficult situations with confidence and assertiveness, and deal with them more effectively.

Any kind of exercise is beneficial. You may walk, swim, play basketball, go the gym, or do anything else that you like (or work out at home). If you don’t usually exercise your body, start gradually, do not overdo it.

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Replace your negative thoughts with positive thoughts

Strive to make it a habit to replace each negative and pessimistic thought with a positive and optimistic one. You will need to be aware of the thoughts that are passing through your mind, and if they are negative, immediately shift your attention to other, happier and optimistic thoughts.

You will probably experience inner resistance, and you might even forget to replace your negative thoughts. Nevertheless, continue to practice this technique over and again, until this way of thinking becomes natural and easy.

How is your outlook on life? The world is as big and wide as you imagine. Now you know that stress changes how you see everything so counter that.  Encourage yourself and your family to find the best there is in life by continuing to pursue your dreams.

Like you don’t already have enough to worry about now!