Read this Simply Fit Board review and find out how it can help you stay in a great shape. To stay fit, you need to workout regularly right?. Using the proper equipment is necessary to work different muscle groups during a workout. If you don’t want to go on a run because it’s raining or some other reason or if you want a good workout at home without filling your home with a lot of heavy gym equipment, the Simply Fit Board can be a good and inexpensive option.

What is a Simply Fit Board?

The Simply Fit Board is a curved plastic board for you to stand on it, twist and balance. It is simplistic yet versatile and gives you a great workout. The biggest advantage of the board is that it can be used almost anywhere like your office, living room, etc.

It can help you improve your balance, work your core muscles, tones your legs and burn fat. Older adults or others who want a low impact workout for their body without having to go outside will find it a perfect piece of equipment to stay fit.

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Simpy Fit Board Review - What you Need to Know

Who Can Use The Simply Fit Board?

The board is light, but a strong one that can hold up to 400 pounds of weight. No matter,  what shape or size, you can use the board. It is perfect to give you a low-impact workout, so people of all ages can benefit from it. It comes in many different colors, so you can always get the board in your favorite color which is kinda cool. It is suitable for almost everybody.

How Does the Simply Fit Board Work?

It is a balance board with a twist. Its curve allows you to twist while you stand on it and balance. It takes a little time to get comfortable with the balancing. It is highly recommended to use the board on a rugged surface such as a carpet. (Do not use the product on a slippery surface as it may slide.)


Getting started with the Simply Fit Board – Simply Fit Board Review

Precaution:  Use the board on a non-slippery surface, such as a carpet. When you first begin, it is advisable to also hold a stable object for balancing.

Step 1. Place the board on a rugged surface in front of a wall, or table or any furniture you can use to take little support.
Step 2. Place one of your feet on the outer edge of the board first. While taking the support of the table or wall or anything, place your second foot on the other edge.
Step 3. Your feet should rest on the last set of circles.
Step 4. Now, get more comfortable balancing on the board and start twisting while holding the support with both hands.
Step 5. Once you are done twisting, rock yourself side to side for some time.

Now, you understand how you use the board, but it can be used in a variety of ways to work different muscle groups of your body at the same time.

simply fit board review

Simply Fit Board Workouts

Though, there seem to be a large number of different ways of using the board for working different muscles of your body, here is a list of some of the ways to get a nice workout.

– Simple Twist

Place one foot on the outer edge and find your balance. Now place your second foot on the other edge of the board. Once you feel that you can stand comfortably, start twisting while moving your arms. Twisting works your core muscles, obliques, hips and legs. A few minutes of twisting can help you release your neck and back tension.

– Twisted Bridges

Lie down on a carpet in the bridge position and place your feet on the edges of the board. Lift up your hips while placing your arms firmly on the sides. Now start twisting on the Simply Fit Board. Twisted bridges are a great workout for your glutes, lower back, core and thigh muscles.

– Twisted Bicep Curls

Hold dumbbells in your arms and stand up on the board like you normally do. Once you stand up, start twisting on the board while alternating dumbbell curls. This way, you not only work your biceps but give a more efficient workout to your core, legs and midsection and many other muscles.

– Board Wood Choppers

Hold a dumbbell with both hands and stand on the board. Now, twist the board to one side, while lifting the dumbbell up to the side of your head with both hands. The motion resembles lifting up an axe for chopping wood. It is a great workout for your obliques, core, shoulders, triceps and hips.

– Spiderman Planks

Stand in the plank position while holding the edges of the board with your hands. Now, twist the board to the right side and lift your right leg towards the board. Repeat for the left side and do a good number of repetitions. It is an amazing core workout and works your arms and shoulders as well.

As you can see after reading this The Simply Fit Board review, it is a unique piece of fitness equipment that makes your workouts more fun, effective and interesting. It is highly durable and light-weight, so it is a nice addition to your workout plan. What I like best about it is that I can have a quick workout anywhere and anytime – even while watching my fav tv show!

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You can now buy the Simply Fit Board on Amazon and try it out yourself!