We all agree that we all need some simple self care ideas to get through difficult times. Is your personal health and self care something that’s been neglected in recent times? If so, now is the time to change that and it’s easy. Start by thinking about where you’re falling short and what you might be doing wrong. We all want to take care of our personal health but putting that idea into practice and actually making it happen is not so easy.

Try to eat healthy, well-balanced meals, exercise regularly, and get plenty of sleep. Avoid alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs. Learn more about wellness strategies for mental health. Keep your family’s schedule consistent when it comes to bedtimes, meals, and exercise.

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Here are some of the things you might want to think about:

Go to Bed Earlier

First of all, you should start going to bed earlier and getting a little more sleep each day. If you can do that, you’ll put yourself in a much healthier position. Many people underestimate the amount of sleep they need each night, and this leads to all kinds of mental and physical health problems that can be easily avoided.

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Stay Active

It’s pretty well known that exercise is really good for both our physical and mental health. There’s heaps of different types of exercise you can do from home, thanks to YouTube and apps. It’s one of those simple self care ideas that works. We’ve listed a few you might like to try:

  1. Map My Fitness by Under Armour
  2. 7 Minute Workout
  3. Freeletics
  4. JEFIT
  5. ClassPass
  6. Nike Training Club

Do a Puzzle That Challenges You

Challenging your mind is just as important as anything else and this shouldn’t be overlooked. Take breaks from watching, reading, or listening to news stories. It can be upsetting to hear about the crisis and see images repeatedly. Try to do enjoyable activities such as completing a challenging puzzle each day and put your mind to work so that you don’t end up with mental problems further down the line. Putting your mind to the test and exercising your brain is more important than you realize. It can be fun as well, so why not?

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Find a Doctor’s Practice That Works for You

One important issue is the care you get. Find a practice like Broadgate General Practice that can put your needs first and be there for you when you need the right kind of support for your mental and physical health. The service you choose should work for you and be able to fit around your needs and your lifestyle. It’ll mean you never avoid getting the medical attention you need. In the meantime, plant based supplements for stress relief might help as well. 

Practice Mindfulness

Practice Mindfulness

When we’re stressed about something (such as coronavirus), our thoughts tend to speed up. Taking 10 minutes or so to practice mindfulness can help produce a sense of calmness. Make time to unwind and remind yourself that strong feelings will fade. Try taking in deep breaths. Try to do activities you usually enjoy.

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Connect With Others

Recognize that feelings such as loneliness, boredom, fear of contracting disease, anxiety, stress, and panic are normal reactions to a stressful situation such as a disease outbreak. Share your concerns and how you are feeling with a friend or family member. Maintain healthy relationships and build a strong support system.

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If you’re someone who has been neglecting themselves for whatever reason, you should look to change that. Your personal health should always come first, as well as the health and well being of your loved ones. It’s easy to get bogged down in other things when life is busy and throws a lot at you, but it’s worth making time for this.

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Whether you find yourself suddenly homeschooling your kids, dealing with financial stress from decreased hours (or maybe you’ve been laid off completely), scrambling to figure out what to do now that the daycare is closed, or grieving the changes to your life and schedule, it’s okay to feel sad. If you’re like most of us, you’re also feeling a little stir crazy! And right now, that is OK 🙂 Try some of these simple self care ideas and feel a little better.