Are you in a relationship with a narcissist? Ask yourself these questions: Are you in a relationship that leaves you feeling alone and unloved? Do you feel like you simply are not the same person whom you used to be before the relationship started? Less confident, maybe a little depressed?

You definitely are not alone. Falling into a relationship with a narcissist may be more common than you think. How does somebody know that they are in a relationship with a narcissist?

The following is a top ten list of telltale signs that your are in a relationship with a narcissist:

  1. They went all out to impress you when you met them but now that you have been with them for some time, you notice that now they are seeking the admiration of strangers over you.

2. They feel comfortable with belittling you, especially in front of your family and friends.

3. You feel less confident in yourself and you have become paranoid, and you feel you are not good enough to accomplish certain things where you would not have questioned yourself before meeting this person.

4. They are continually comparing you to people from their past relationships. They may tell you that you are better than so and so when they want something from you, or tell you about how you do not compare to so and so when they are angry with you and you have triggered their toxic ego.

5. You no longer have friends. They have taken full control of your social situations and want you to associate only with people meet their high standard or place them where they want to be on the social ladder. They will pressure you to put time into people who you may not even like just to maintain a certain image.

6. They give you gifts that they took back from their ex and tell you that you deserve it more. Yes, there are men and women who do this. It is quite a common behavior from narcissists.

7. They have convinced you that they are the very best at everything. They like to brag themselves up, especially to strangers, they will do and say anything to win the admiration of others.

8. You catch them in the mirror a lot. Narcissists are in love with their reflection. You will see them practicing their facial expressions, flexing, and talking to themselves. Women will be glued to the mirror with a ton of makeup and accessories, dancing, staring at their behind, staring at their breasts, practicing seductive motions and most commonly, staring into their own eyes. They can usually be found doing this while their partner is in another room feeling ignored and depressed in the relationship.

9. They have absolutely no empathy. You could tell them that your mother just died and they will get angry at you for crying, tell you to leave or even walk out on you in that instance. They refuse to accept responsibility for hurting the feelings of others or to be in the presence of others who influence an atmosphere that is not centered around them.

10. They have thrown you away. You have decided to be your own person and their ego could not handle it so they have found a new source to feed off of quickly. They walk away coldly and indefinitely; making you feel like a broken down fool.

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If you feel that you are in a relationship with a narcissist, it is best that you take the high road and split. These monsters are not here for anyone but themselves. Also, be sure to read this awesome bestseller written by a woman who married a narcissist. A Beautiful Terrible Thing is a must read for anyone who has been a toxic relationship.