There are relationship problems you should talk about if you want to improve your connection with your partner. People love to talk. We love to talk about all of the drama going on in our life, who we’re seeing at the minute, we love a good gossip at work, and we love to talk about our favourite TV programs. But there are some relationship problems that we really should be talking about, yet we never seem to do.

The problems that are actually serious, and that if we did speak about more, we’d probably have a much better relationship. Some of you will really be suffering inside with some problems that you just don’t feel like you can talk about, and you won’t be alone. There are tons of couples around you who will be bottling up the same problems, which is why there are now so many mental health issues and other problems facing couples. 

So, we’ve come up with a list of things that we think couples should be talking about more, and who you can go to to talk to if you feel like you’re dealing with one of them! So keep on reading, and let us show you what you should be talking about.

Mental Health Issues

My friend and her husband were virtually two strangers living in the same house, and it just got worse. She suffered from anxiety and depression and her husband had an alcohol addiction but neither one would talk about it.

We’re so thankful that mental health issues are now being talked about more often. Mental health is something that used to be a bit of a taboo subject. People were made to feel as though they couldn’t talk about the problems they were having, and it just shouldn’t be that way.

But luckily now, there are more avenues for people to explore, such as Supportiv, if people want to speak about their problems. Knowing that you have someone to talk to, that doesn’t mean you have to go through doctors appointments to get there, is so reassuring.

Your spouse may not be able to fix your problems but having their support and being able to talk to them about it is an important step. 

Your Sex Life

You might see a beautiful couple on the street kissing and holding hands and you will just assume that they must have an amazing sex life. This is however more than likely not the case.

Lots of couples are not happy with their sex lives, whether it’s frequency, lack of attraction, or boredom. Some don’t have sex at all. Like with many aspects of a long term relationship, setting occurs in a couple’s sex life. They no longer have the adventurism or energy that fueled their sex lives in their younger days, there may be kids and a mortgage to pay. You get tired and don’t try as hard.

When sparks fizzle out between the sheets, it can cause other issues. When people feel withdrawn from each other, when even just regular communication is lacking, it does not create the emotional closeness that creates desire and intimacy. If you are mad at your partner or don’t feel respect, the desire is just not there.  Not having the sex life you want can make you feel rejected and frustrated which can lead to  lashing out, fighting, misery, and in some cases, infidelity.

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Money Matters

It’s not uncommon to downplay financial when you first start dating. People want to make a good first impression, and you probably won’t find yourself talking about finances on a first date. But that doesn’t mean it’s healthy to hide this part of yourself forever.

If you or your partner have a lot of debt, bad spending habits, or a poor credit score — just to name a few financial issues — you’ll want to let each other know. These are the type of issues that get bigger over time and will come out at some point.

Relationship Communication


Some couples have different communication styles, such as talkers versus non-talkers, or people who deal with things via talking versus people who move past it.  Sometimes couples have just stopped listening to each other and just don’t hear what the other wants. Sometimes every conversation becomes a battle.

All of these problems can be overcome if the couple is willing to identify what goes wrong and make some changes. You can even do this by yourself if your partner won’t talk to you about it. Ask yourself: “What occurs when I want to talk about something important?” “When did I last try hard to really listen and appreciate my partner?”

How To Discuss Problems

  • Focus on feelings. When you do start to have these important discussions, focus on feelings, personal struggles and unresolved issues.
  • Reserve a time to talk. When life gets busy, it’s easy to lose track of time. Make sure you set aside a specific time each day when it’s best for you and your partner.
  • Just listen. Agree not to become defensive or interrupt each other. Remember that your partner might not want solutions – he or she needs you to just sit back and listen.