Looking for ways to boost your chances of conception or pregnancy over 40? Women experience a sharp decline in their fertility rate in their forties. Experts claim that the odds of getting pregnant after 45 years using your eggs are slim. However, there is good news. Despite what the books say, many 40-plus women get pregnant. For some, it is even their first pregnancy.

Are there any advantages of pregnancy over 40? Yes, some definite benefits of being a parent when you are older exist. First, you are wiser and more experienced. As 40, you are not worried about career matters. Other kids are on their way out of the nest. Furthermore, your financial situation is better than ever. Although your energy levels may not be high, you will make a good parent.

With odds, not in your favor, how can you achieve pregnancy over 40 years? The first step to take is going for fertility check-ups. Remember time is of the essence, and this should come immediately before you start trying. Your regular doctor can give a referral to the best clinics.

A typical check-up involves assessing the health of the woman’s reproductive glands. The doctor will check the health of your uterus, ensure that the fallopian tubes are open, check the thyroid function, and your egg count. Your male partner will submit his sperm for fertility tests.

The doctor may give permission to proceed and to start trying. Before attempting anything, make sure you time the intercourse precisely. Simply put, have sex every second when you are ovulating. You can use an app to monitor your cycle and log in your temperature. Thus, you may need a basal thermometer. Predictor kits available online or at pharmacies are also useful.

Pregnancy Over 40: How to Boost Your Chances of Conception

Doctors advise women to quit smoking, limit their alcohol intake and reduce coffee consumption. They also recommend prenatal supplements such as vitamins and folic acid. These revitalize your reproductive system and stabilize your hormones.

You can seek medications from the doctor such as HCG or FSH. These and many others aid the egg to mature and smoothen its journey to the fallopian tube.

Manage your anxiety and stress, this is also an important factor.

What Complications Arise for Pregnancy Over 40?

It is not your fault to have delayed childbearing. Other women do it due to various reasons such as choosing to marry later in life, acquiring advanced degrees, or building a career. The trend is rising. For instance, in 1970, one out of 100 moms was over the typical childbearing age. Currently, about one in seven women is over the 40’s boundary.

Despite the trend, the risk of complications increases with age. Most of the risks include miscarriages, gestational diabetes, pre-eclampsia, preterm delivery, down syndrome, stillbirth, and autism. The mother is also at risk.

Doctors can determine if the baby has any abnormalities by 12 weeks. In addition, the C-section rate is higher for pregnancies over 40 than in other cases.  The reason is doctor rarely allow the women aged over 40 to go beyond their due dates. They schedule C-sections after the baby passes 40 weeks.

If the time has lapsed, do worry. You can try using donor eggs, or In-Vitro Fertilization done outside the body. Consult with your fertility doctor for more pregnancy over 40 insights.

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