Post Workout Self Care Routine

work out self care

Why is a post workout self care routine important? Many of us know that working out or finding the right amount of exercise in our schedule is the vital underpinning to living a good and healthy life. You will quite literally experience a better mental state, better sleep, better interest in eating correctly, a sense of confidence, a lower amount of stress, and a continual sense of achievement should you stick to a workout regimen.

It should be considered one of the most vital means to combat depressive symptoms, and to help you reclaim control over your life if you have let bad habits get the better of you.

That being said, attending the gym is often a somewhat self-harming enterprise. By that we solely mean that if weight lifting, you are breaking down your muscle fibers so they may grow more quickly. When pursuing cardio, you are putting extra stress on your joints, heart, muscles and cardiovascular fitness to help it improve and increase. This is why post-gym care is so important, because without it, over training or failing to recover can be a hardship, and may lead to reduced progress.

Please consider our post workout self care guide to make the most of this, and to keep on the right path:

Get Enough Quality Sleep

Getting enough quality sleep is not only ideal, but thoroughly necessary. This is even more true when you’re working out hard, in the gym or otherwise. For example, most of us know that eight hours of sleep is often the golden point for many healthy adults, but if working out and lifting weights three times a week?

It might even be that nine hours is ideal. This means that encouraging your own sleep hygiene, regulating your sleep schedule and neglecting the all-nighters or too many nights out can be important.

Take Care Of Your Skin

Skincare can also be important to take care of, because when you work out hard it can be that you become dehydrated. Not only this, but salts in your sweat and the gym environment (or harsh exterior winds) can cause your skin to dry out. This is why E45 body wash and cream options can help restore your skin and protect it, allowing you to ensure it stays healthy and supple on a regular basis.

Foam Roll

Foam rolling (with a foam roller) can help you easily work out all of the knots and tensions in your muscles. Foam rolling has proven to allow for better muscle recovery no matter if you partake in cardio, weightlifting, or combination between the two.

It can feel uncomfortable rolling at first, but the more you get used to it the more the adaptive material can help correctly work out the kinks and joint limitations you may have been impeding yourself with. This, coupled with a healthy stretching schedule, can help you come back to the gym feeling rejuvenated each and every time.

With this advice, we hope you can better enact a post workout self care ritual, which can only influence your best work going forward.