We have this idea that we are just looking at our life as it bobs this way and that, according to whatever outside waters are propelling us. We think we have to work this many hours because of our house payment, instead of looking at it from another direction, like moving into a smaller house or finding a job with better pay.

We say “I’d love to… write, travel, paint, ride horses, learn yoga, but I just don’t have the… time, money, energy…”

Maybe some of these “valid excuses” are just ways to hide from risks and to not begin living the life you dream of. In Simple Abundance, Sarah Breathnach writes, “many of us have unconsciously erected seemingly insurmountable barriers to protect ourselves from failing or succeeding. We may think we’re protecting ourselves by ignoring or denying our creative impulse, but what we are really doing is burying our authentic selves alive.”

Doing our own thing is risky. We don’t want to risk failure – or worse looking silly. But, look around. The happiest people are those doing their passion despite difficulties or fears.

What kind of barrier or excuses do you use to keep yourself from the life you really want to live? From what fears are you trying to save yourself?

So many people have worked to make their dream come true. They may have had to do a drastic thing like sell their house and live in a trailer so they could travel the world. Some may have had to cut some of their spending in order to quit their hated job and start their own business.

Maybe you will have to take the risk of saying no to someone in order to take time for a drawing class. Or you may have to toot your own horn and talk to someone you don’t know to sell your idea. You may have to get out of your comfort zone by doing without some luxuries for the moment. And yes, cable is a luxury!


Time to Take ActionLiving life after 40


Read up on people that are doing what you long to do, what you are passionate about. Let them help you find solutions to your barriers.

Brainstorm ways to work around these barriers. Research online. Talk to people who have done what you want to do.

Look behind the barriers and journal what fears may be behind the excuses.

Take one risk each day this week to forward your dream.

Wishing you success.