You are a mom and one of your biggest goals is to get organized, right? But, when you have kids, it sometimes seems like organization is a word from a foreign language. It’s hard enough to keep the house in good enough shape to walk through, never mind having a place for everything and everything in its place. But if we can maintain a system of organization, we can avoid a lot of unnecessary stress.

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Resolutions are a helpful motivational tool for anything we want to achieve. If we want to be more organized, making a resolution to do so can help us stick to it. If not now then when?

Get Organized

What’s the Best Way to Organize?

The best way to organize is to come up with a system that works for you. Everyone organizes differently, and a system that works perfectly for you may be terribly confusing to another mom. As long as it makes sense to you and the kids can understand it, it’s fine.

Although different things work for different people, there are some things that we should all consider when trying to get organized. Here is some food for thought:

* A good organizational system probably won’t happen overnight. It takes careful thought and planning. Starting out small and working your way through each room is effective and won’t stress you out.

* You’ll need containers. Clear ones are great, especially when you have kids, because you can see their contents without dumping them out. Plastic rolling drawers are inexpensive, versatile and convenient. They’re wonderful for craft supplies, toys, accessories, pet care items, and more.

* Storage ottomans are ideal for living room storage. They’re roomy, and they double as furniture. These can be used to store magazines, games, craft supplies, or anything else that is often used in the living room.

* If you want the kids to help keep things organized, it’s important to keep your system simple. Try to keep smaller children’s things at a level where they can get them out and put them up easily. Labels can help kids remember where things go. For kids who can’t read yet, use pictures.

* Don’t forget about vertical space. Shelves can help you make the most of the space you’ve got and make organizing easy. Tall shelves also give you a place to keep things that you’d prefer to keep out of the kids’ hands.

* Be prepared to get rid of some things. If you haven’t used it in a couple of years or more, you probably don’t need it. Throwing out or donating extraneous items makes it much easier to keep the things you have organized.

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Stick to a Schedule

Some spaces, like kitchen counters, need daily de-cluttering. Others can be tackled weekly or monthly. When that time comes, be systematic. Take all the items in a defined area (a cabinet, a desk drawer), and spread them out so you can see what you’re facing.

If you’re de-cluttering the drawer where you keep kitchen utensils, for example, spread them on the counter, and then sort into two piles: utensils you use regularly and those you don’t use.

Be patient — effective de-cluttering takes time. People tend to underestimate how much time it will take. If it looks like a two-hour job, budget four. And don’t get discouraged if de-cluttering takes longer than you think it should.

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Getting organized is hard work, but once it’s accomplished it makes life so much easier and the way your home looks can even affect your mood. But don’t just resolve to get organized. Resolve to stay that way!