Are you mature dating in your later years or dating after a long term relationship has ended? Everyone knows that dating after divorce or after a long break from dating can be terrifying. Doesn’t it seem much easier to just stay at home and never both find love again? Sure, it sounds easier, but that’s not what you want, is it?

Everyone deserves to find love no matter who they are, how old they are, or how bad they have been in relationships in the past. But if you’re getting ready to go on your first date in years, you may need a confidence boost, so here are four tips to make sure you impress. 

Stay Positive 

It should be no surprise that people like positive people, and if this should be the first thing you think about when preparing for your first date in who knows how many years. This positivity will be infectious. It will show that you’re comfortable in yourself, and there is not much that’s sexier than that.

Even if you don’t feel confident at first, putting on a positive and confident facade will eventually rub off on you, and you’ll feel better with each passing minute, as long as the date isn’t a bust, of course. 

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Meet Somewhere Comfortable 

You probably don’t want to meet your date at a dark bar on the other side of town. This isn’t because you’re worried that they are dangerous, but rather because you don’t want to be distracted or feel pressured into doing anything you’re not comfortable with. The best way to avoid this is to pick a date somewhere safe and fun. This can help ease any early-date tensions and give you both something natural to engage about. If your date is reluctant to meet somewhere public, consider this the reddest of red flags and keep on looking. 

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Dress to Impress

First dates are all about making a great first impression, so dressing to impress is a must, even if you only want to impress yourself. You can think about what to wear on top and underneath if this makes you feel more confident, so your best outfit plus See through lingerie could give you the confidence boost you need. You’re probably not expecting anyone to see what you’re wearing underneath, so it can be your little secret for feeling better about yourself when you’re not sure where to find your confidence. 

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Be Yourself

Finally, you’ll never feel confident or comfortable on dates if you’re not yourself. Even if you aren’t your own biggest fan, you will need to show your date who you are eventually, so you may as well be unashamedly you. This is especially true when dating after divorce or after a break, as you have no desire to play games or pretend. Being yourself is the best way to ensure confidence, and if your date can’t handle it, that’s their problem and just say NEXT! Stay calm and avoid those first date jitters

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So Get Back Out There 

Dipping your toe back into the dating pool can feel like a significant step forward whether you are mature dating, dating after a divorce or dating after taking time for yourself. But, if it’s something you feel like you have to do, you may as well do it. Your first date after being off the market will be scary, so don’t put any pressure on it. If you go into your date knowing that it’s just a date, you’ll find yourself more confident than ever before. 

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