Earth tones are great colors to use in a master bedroom because they are inspired by nature and they create a serene, restful mood in a master bedroom.

You know how you feel when you take a trip to the mountains or to the beach and you are then feeling grounded and refreshed, so does drifting off to slumber in a bedroom filled with earthy tans, rocky grays and bossy browns.

Master Bedroom color palettes normally use medium tones for walls, bedding and drapery, with pale shades for the ceiling and deeper shades for trim and accessories.

Another good accent color for grounding is black and can be used in lamp bases and picture frames. You can also add splashes of color using gold, antique bronze or copper with any earth colored rooms.

Choose a scene¬†that you love, and use nature’s hues to add serenity and warmth to your master bedroom.