5 Things You Need to Know About KFC Bath Bombs

Bath Bombs are Awesome

What’s not to love about bath bombs? They smell AMAZING and they are so relaxing right? In addition to making your skin soft and moisturized, they can make your bath water look like a masterpiece.

amazing bath bombs

Fried Chicken is Awesome

fried chicken

Something else I love that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside is fried chicken. Now, with the KFC Bath Bombs, I can have both – at the same time. Let me explain.

There is a Bath Bomb for Every Occasion

Star Wars Bath Bomb

For years companies have been creative with their bath bombs. Love Harry Potter? There is a bath bomb for that. Love Star Wars – yep. How about you love for donuts? Get yourself the donut bomb! Really there is a bath bomb for everyone.

Now You Can Combine Your Love of Fried Chicken and a Bath

KFC bath bomb

Well right on this bath bomb trend, KFC recently partnered with Japanese retailer, Village Vanguard, and created some “fried chicken” scented bath bombs. They are a “limited edition” and KFC will give 100 people the chance to basically bathe in chicken a chicken scented bath. Wait a minute, warm chicken scented water – is that not technically chicken soup?

Chicken bouillon cubes as bath bombs? This sounds like a great way to get eaten by a bear!

Don’t Bathe on an Empty Stomach

KFC bath bombs may sound crazy, but this isn’t Village Vanguard’s first avant-garde bath bomb foray. They also sell ramen-scented bath powder, and pizza-scented bath powder. I would suggest you might want to bath on a full stomach just like they recommend when you go to the grocery store to resist temptation. If this sounds too crazy for you, you can make your own amazing DIY Bath Salts from scratch and they don’t have to smell like chicken.