You can turn self isolation into a DIY spa day with these great ideas for self care and pampering. If a regular visit to the hair or nail salon is part of your normal beauty routine, COVID-19 is probably throwing you for a loop. You may not be able to leave home to have your hair, skin, and nails cared for, but that doesn’t mean your beauty regime has to stop altogether! Coupon Chief put together an infographic with great DIY self-care hacks. You can use these hacks to keep yourself looking and feeling fresh, beautiful and put together. Check it out below!

Keeping up with your beauty routine is more important than ever right now. Studies show a direct connection between consistent self-care and decreased risk of depression and anxiety. What’s more, self-care gives you something fun and relaxing to look forward to every day. Another added bonus is that it also provides the perfect opportunity for mindfulness.

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Even if you’re basically living in pajamas right now, scheduling a bit of time every day to pamper yourself will do wonders for your mental health during this stressful period of life. Whether you end the day with a hot bath or start it with a brightening face mask, there are simple tricks you can use to stay on top of self-care during quarantine.

For the hacks below, you probably already have all the ingredients you need in your kitchen or medicine cabinet! If not, you can always check out this huge list of free makeup samples to score all kinds of beauty goodies!

DIY Beauty Hacks Infographic

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We need new tools, now more than ever such as essential oils for isolation anxiety. It’s no secret that we have all found ourselves in an unprecedented time in both history and our lives. Now is the time to take these ideas for self care and take time for yourself.

Self isolation is the new norm, and the date for when our daily lives return to “normal” continually gets pushed further and further back. All of this can get overwhelming, even for those that remain stoic and resolved in the toughest of tough situations. Do something for yourself today, it will help you feel better and provide a great distraction as well.

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