There is something different about summer fun activities this year! Following the whirlwind the pandemic threw the world in last year, this summer seems to be much-awaited. Although climatologists have predicted extreme weather this summer, there is still a lot to look forward to.

So, with your sunscreen and water bottle close by, enjoy this summer with these summer fun activities this year, I know I did! 


Go Out and Pick Some Fresh Flowers

Going out to flower picking is a perfect activity to undertake this summer. The freshly bloomed, beautifully colored flowers make summer more magical and wonderful. You can also use this as an opportunity to keep track of beautiful flowers springing up this period by keeping a scrapbook of flower types. You can look out for some of the attractive flowers on your flower hunt: American Giant Sunflowers and Choco Sun Sunflowers of the Sunflower family and preserve them in your scrapbook.

TIP: Google “Sunflower Farm near me” there are many farms where you can visit huge fields of Sunflowers and some even let you pick some and take them home for a fee.

You can also put your creativity to the test and create beautiful flower DIY projects such as flower vases, wall art, and so on. You can also start a little flower collection in your home to have your home looking colorful and full of amazing flowery smells. Zinnias and Dahlias are beautifully colored flowers that beautify the space they are in instantly.

It would help if you also considered adding Tithonia or Mexican Sunflowers to your collection. They are located in sunny drained spots in the garden. You can make a selection of flowers out of the lotto to beautify your living room or present them to a loved one as a gift.

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lake side

Keep Cool in a River or a Lake

Bring your favorite childhood stories to life by taking a dip in a river! The warm summer months make spending time by the riverside a fun and memorable activity. Besides swimming, you could spend time bonding with friends and family over a fishing trip. Or, you can also take a boat ride on the timeless River Thames.

You may also consider the Broads National Park, which will be a lifetime adventure to experience this summer. It has a maze of winding and connected waterways that curves through reed marshes, shrubby heaths dotted with spectacular market towns, and open fenlands.

Find a river or a lake near you and have some fun, if it has a sandy beach area, even better.


Take a Bike Ride Along a New Trail

Cycle challenges are one of the best summer adventure routines you can try out. You can try riding along a biking trail you have never used in the past. This riding experience will combine a serotonin-enhancing exercise and a sense of adventure.

Cycling is a sport people of all ages can enjoy. For an adventurous summertime, you can choose a trial in the mountainside. Mountain cycling provides fantastic scenery and challenging routes where bikers can have a thrill of a lifetime. Some of the exciting mountain bike trails you can use for your summer adventures are the 70km Dark Peak trail, 35km Nan Bield Pass and 14 mile Cannock Chase. Amazing biking trails can be found all around the world. 

Despite the heat the summer is said to bring, you should not shy away from having some fun in the sun this year with these summer fun activities. Be sure to stay hydrated, put on sunscreen, wear breathable clothes, and get sufficient rest to beat the heat. 

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