As we get older, we look for ways to slow the aging process.  Whether you want to cleanse your mind and body or you want to make sure that you are fighting fit in later years, it’s important to tackle the most pressing issues that can have an impact on you later on. So when you want to get a clean bill of health, what do you need to know? The key to maintaining our health and that youthful bounce can take some preparation so here’s what we can expect.

Your 40’s

In your 40’s you can expect some significant changes and this is the time to start paying attention. First of all, we can expect some muscle loss, we start actually shrinking about 1% of muscle mass a year. This is the time to start lifting some weights or doing yoga.

We can also expect some weight gain because our metabolism starts to slow down. For women, menopause and hormones play a role as well. Eat lean protein and fiber-rich foods, including fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.

Although osteoporosis can affect everyone, it impact many more women than men. Again the drop in estrogen levels following menopause are to blame. Our bone density can begin to diminish, and the risk of fractures increases, especially hips, knees, and wrists. This is the time to increase your intake of Vitamin D and calcium.

Your 50’s

In your 50’s, often our body will start to feel all the years of our accumulated stresses. This is the time to make sure you are taking care of your heart.

Nurture healthy activities, such as gardening or casual walks that are relaxing. Again, nutritional supplements, particularly those full of antioxidants are valuable for keeping the heart strong.

At this time, we should also be looking out for your colon health. Your doctor can tell you which tests to undergo, and you should be willing to have a colonoscopy upon the recommendation of your physician.

Your 60’s

For the eyes, ask your eye doctor check for glaucoma and presbyopia, which effects one in 11 people over the age of 60. Listen up as well, at least 30 percent of people experience some hearing loss in this decade. There are now available really great (and barely visible) hearing aids, should you need them.

Be sure to get your flu shot each year. With age comes an increase susceptibility.

Other Ways to Slow the Aging Process at Any Age

Watching Your Alcohol Intake

As we get older, we could find ourselves relying on substances because we are just getting more tired, physically and mentally. But we have to remember that as we go through life it’s important to develop our sense of self-resilience.

It’s something that may not have crossed your mind, but something like rehabilitation is not about going to a drying out center and detoxifying, but it’s about focusing on the more holistic methods of healing, especially if you have an underlying addiction. ANA Treatment Centre are a rehab centre that can help with this. While alcohol is something that most of us can enjoy, if we start to address certain mental “crutches” as we enter our fourth decade, we can live a healthy existence and feel happier.

antioxidants are valuable for keeping the heart strong.

The Importance Of Circulation

It’s not necessarily something that we think about, but as we get older we need to get the blood flowing. It’s very simple; all you need to do is exercise. Regular exercise is great for your health and when you start to think about strengthening your body in certain ways, the importance of circulation is something you can’t underestimate.

Exercise is not something that you need to do all the time but it’s about getting the blood flowing, which can help the heart to pump, and it naturally helps your mood too!

Not Feeling A Sense Of Isolation

As we get older it can be easier for us to retreat into our shell. Instead, we have to remember the importance of being sociable. As we get older, we may start to suffer from various ailments which could mean that we choose to stay indoors rather than spending time with people. Spending time with others is great for your mental health but it can also keep you physically fit as well as emotionally fit. It’s also a way for you to give something back to the community or find a purpose in life.

You don’t need to just go to a social function with your friends; you can join a community group or start volunteering. Think about what benefits your health and happiness, and makes you feel like you’ve accomplished something at the end of the day.

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Getting a clean bill of health isn’t just about the physical components. But you have to remember that as you get older, addressing certain aspects of your life that can effect our aging is vital. When we are looking to slow the aging process, it’s not just about the physical aspects!