Learning how to overcome depression can be a challenge in your life or that of someone you care about. Battling depression is difficult – whether it is born out of the grief of losing someone you love or carrying burdens that life sometimes comes with. It makes everything feel a bit more challenging, and most of the time, it takes the joy out of beautiful moments you are supposed to enjoy.

Depending on only medication to overcome depression can also be problematic. Many people are not comfortable with flooding their bodies with different medicines every day. Although depression is a medical condition, there are many ways to fight this condition without relying solely on medication. So, are you looking for better ways to cope with depression? Here are some practical ways on how to do so.

1. Talk to a Professional

Depression comes with many symptoms; some of them include feelings of hopelessness and helplessness, no interest in daily activities, no appetite, insomnia, irritability, anger, self-loathing, and many others. If you notice yourself experiencing any of these symptoms, you should first speak to a professional like a therapist.

Besides the fact that talking to someone will help you unburden, working with a therapist is usually an essential part of how to overcome depression successfully. A therapist will help you shift your focus on the negative aspects of your life to positive thinking while helping you deal with the stress.

talk to a professional

2. Keep the Beautiful Memories

Dealing with a loved one’s loss can be very difficult, especially when the loss is still fresh in your mind. If your state of depression results from grief, you need to find healthier ways to deal or cope with it. One of the most effective ways to do this is by deciding to hold on to the positive memories of your loved one and honoring them. For example, if you recently lost a child, then one way to honor their memory is by investing in headstones for children & baby memorials. Many have found laying flowers on the headstones of loved ones as a means of dealing with their grief.

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3. Set Small, Achievable Goals

As mentioned, one of the symptoms of depression is a lack of interest in daily activities. This means that depression has a way of making even the smallest tasks seem impossible- everyday tasks may become very difficult to undertake. You might have to break down your daily tasks into smaller, manageable ones.

For example, if you find yourself lacking the strength or will to go to work or even get out of your house, do not worry too much about completing weekly or monthly goals. Set small, achievable tasks instead – getting out of bed, taking a shower, getting dressed, eating breakfast, going to work. These tasks may seem too simple for others, but depression makes it ten times more difficult. So, do not forget to give yourself enough credit whenever you achieve a daily goal.

4. Pour Out Your Emotions in Writing

It can be tough to communicate exactly how you feel to others verbally. Although most depressed people will prefer to be by themselves, it is challenging to open up to people, even when you feel like talking about it. Finding the right words to express the hurt and pain etched across your soul can be hard to do, especially when the other person cannot appreciate the weight of your burden.

Journaling is an effective and therapeutic way of coping with depression. Not only does it give you an outlet to pour out your thoughts and feelings, but it also serves as an effective stress management option. For this option to be beneficial, it is essential to be very honest about how you feel when writing down your pent-up feelings. 

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journal your ideas

5. Reach Out to Family and Friends

Although it might be challenging to express your emotions to your loved ones, it does not mean that they do not love and care about you, neither does it mean that they cannot give you a reliable shoulder to fall on. Therefore, it is important not to hide your emotions from family and friends. Even if you cannot find the right words to express yourself, do not shut out those who care about you, who want to help you learn how to overcome depression.

Sometimes, just talking to a loved one may be all you need to find strength when you need it the most. And even though they may lack the professional experience, your family and friends can help you lessen your burden by talking with you. So, do not hesitate to give those who love you a chance to help you out.

6. Find Activities to Reduce your Stress

The last thing you want to do when battling depression is to add more stress to your emotional burden. When you are under pressure, your body produces and releases more of the cortisol hormone. This hormone is responsible for helping the body cope with whatever is responsible for causing stress quickly.

However, over a more extended period, this hormone can lead to many other problems, including depression. Therefore, it is essential to engage in different forms of stress-relieving techniques such as yoga, meditation, or taking on a new hobby to help deal with the stress. Also, ensure that your body gets at least eight hours of sleep every day, as this is vital in helping you recuperate each day.

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7. Create a Wellness Toolbox

It is easy to lose interest in so many things when you are depressed; this is where a wellness toolbox comes in. Keeping a wellness toolbox gives you a lot of options to stay busy and is a great way to learn how to overcome depression. You can consider your wellness toolbox as a figurative box of tools that you can use to distract yourself from the negative thoughts you may have and soothes your mind when you are feeling down.

It is vital to consider what makes you feel happy when deciding what goes into your wellness toolbox. Some people prefer cuddling with their pets, going for a walk, admiring nature, or listening to music. No matter what you choose, ensure that you have various options if you get bored with one.

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