We all want to look and feel better because sometimes we can’t help it. When we look in the mirror, we just don’t like what we see. You could be having a bad day which may have something to do with your negative attitude.

Or it could be something simple like your skin condition isn’t looking too great or you have put on a few pounds over the summer. You can change almost daily when it comes to things like this. So if you find yourself in a bit of a rut when it comes to how you look then why not try one of these things to help you feel better about yourself?

A lifestyle change

Sometimes you just need to take a look at your lifestyle and make some changes to look and feel better. This tends to include your diet, drinking more water and increasing your exercise activity. While it may seem like an obvious thing to do, it can offer surprising results. Having a focus on eating a healthy balanced diet ensures that you nourish your body with exactly what it needs.

This can have a positive effect on how your skin looks, your hair and how you feel inside. Exercise is a great way to work on your body shape. Taking on regimes like high intensity interval training can be a great way to fit in that essential activity into your busy schedule. During this kind of health kick, it’s also good to increase the amount of water you drink. It is recommended to have an intake of around two litres a day.

He reflects you

Therapy to help you be more positive

Sometimes having a negative opinion about yourself runs deeper than just changing your diet and exercise regime. It can have much to do with your self esteem and confidence. A lot of the time these things can be brought on by anxiety and depression. Thankfully taking on things like Cognitive Behavioural Therapy can have a positive effect on how you think. Sometimes it’s worth addressing those inner thoughts before taking any further action.

Cosmetic surgery

If you have felt uncomfortable about your face or body for some time, then you may consider a more permanent change in order to feel and look better. Things like cosmetic surgery are considered once all other options have been explored.

Treatments like liposuction can be a great way to combat those stubborn areas where fat can gather such as your stomach and thighs. Looking online at websites like MyBreast can give you a better indication of what is out there and what to consider. Some people also consider facial treatments to help avoid the obvious signs of aging. Just make sure you are fully informed before making any permanent decisions.

Reinvent yourself with a new look

In a lot of cases, it all it takes is a little time to reinvent yourself to help you feel better about how you look. It can be as simple as getting a new haircut or colour. Or even considering a new makeup look. Heading to your local beauty counter to try some new products can offer you great tips on application of different makeup. Making you look completely different by applying a few hidden secrets.

Additional Tips to Look and Feel Better

So what is the answer? It seems trite to offer suggestions for how someone can build their self-esteem in 15 minutes or less but according to Shona Sibary, over at The Daily Mail, a woman who is persistently ambivalent about her looks, she has 4 more tips on boosting confidence:

  1. Minimize nitpicking. When looking in the mirror, women tend to zoom in on their perceived flaws. But everyone has physical attributes they like. Focus on those. And when you feel the urge to examine and wallow in the things you don’t like, walk away.
  2. Surround yourself with positive people. A negative attitude can be contagious, so try to spend time with people who are more positive. If you spend time with women whose primary topic of conversation is their issues with their appearance, you’re likely to fall into the same trap.
  3. Believe in self-fulfilling prophecies. If you believe that you’re just fine, then you are. If you convince yourself that you’re irrevocably broken, then you are. It’s that simple.
  4. Wear clothes that fit. This one seems so obvious, but I also feel like it needs to be said. Many women are guilty of buying the clothes we wish we looked good in instead of the ones that actually fit right. Then, because it’s in your closet, you feel compelled to wear it even if you feel self-conscious wearing it. Just go up a size and let yourself be comfortable!

Accepting yourself as you are is not always easy as it seems. It often requires dismissal of social media and the like. But if you take a moment, close your eyes and just try to imagine that you’re fine, you are beautiful, you are lovable – and feel it. Do this everyday, a few minutes at a time and you will look and feel better in no time.