Do you wan to learn to love your smile because you are you embarrassed by your smile? Studies reveals that growing numbers of us are embarrassed by our smile, usually as the result of poor dental health or wonky teeth. Learning to love one’s smile is important – a smile is an expression of happiness and it can help put other people around us at ease. Here are just a few ways in which you can start to take pride in your smile.

Try whitening products

Don’t like your smile because your teeth aren’t white enough? There are many whitening products that can help you to brighten up your teeth so you can learn to love your smile again. Whitening toothpastes are the most common option and include ingredients such as hydrogen peroxide and activated charcoal.

There are also products such as Instasmile that can be a more instant solution – these are clip on veneers that slide over your teeth to give the impression that they are pure white. By no longer worrying about your teeth’s colour, you could find that you’re no longer embarrassed to smile.

Invest in cosmetic treatment

It’s also possible to invest in cosmetic treatment to help improve your teeth and make you feel prouder of your smile. Whitening procedures include laser whitening, which can instantly bleach your enamel to make them appear more sparkly.

If your concern is the crookedness of your teeth, another option could be to see an orthodontist and get braces fitted. Nowadays it’s possible to get Invisalign braces that are completely invisible (having braces needn’t be another reason to be embarrassed by your smile). Corrective treatment also exists for gummy smiles and underbites/overbites.

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Wear the right lipstick

Believe it or not but you can learn to love your smile and make your teeth look whiter without dental work. Wearing the right lipstick can help to highlight the white in your teeth. Lipstick colours with blue undertones are most effective at achieving this – Red Carpet Red Matte Revolution is one example of red lipstick with bluish tones that can help make your teeth look whiter. You should avoid lipsticks with orangey undertones as these can make your teeth look more discoloured by bringing out the yellow.

Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution Lipstick Red Carpet Red by CHARLOTTE TILBURY

Practice your smile

It may not be your teeth at all that are the problem but the shape of your smile. Practicing your smile in a mirror could help you to perfect it without the need for treatment. If you want to become more photogenic you could also try practicing by taking selfies of yourself. You could find that certain angles complement you better.

Learn to embrace imperfection

It’s possible to get too paranoid about how people perceive your smile. In reality, most people probably won’t notice anything funny about your smile and even if they do, they probably won’t care.

It doesn’t matter how old or young you are or how many teeth you do or don’t have. It doesn’t matter what color you are, if you’re fat or skinny, or if you have freckles or pimples on your face. Just let you shine through and let your smile hug you and those around you. 

People are more likely to notice if you refuse to smile or try to cover up your smile with your hand. As a result, you should learn to love your smile and embrace your smile, regardless of its imperfections – a bold smile is more comforting than an awkward smile or no smile at all.