If you are looking to improve your chances of conceiving in your 40s, you are not alone. Finding the perfect time in your life to have a baby is a challenge. There may be no perfect time for some people, but the need to start a family may still be there. 

You may have decided to try for a baby. Being in your 40s should not stop you from trying for a baby. Far from it, you’re still young. 

But trying for a baby in your 40s may come with some challenges. Your body’s ability to produce eggs will start to slow as you move through your 40s. 

That said, that shouldn’t stop you from trying. Here are some great tips to help you to conceive when you’re in your 40s. 

Lets start with looking at your chances of getting pregnant by age chart:

Chart is courtesy shecares.com

It is important to keep in mind that these chances of getting pregnant and statistical estimations are just that. The odds of getting pregnant can be affected by many other factors, such as medical conditions, your overall health, ovulation patterns, and your partner’s sperm quality.

Find Out If You Have Any Fertility Problems

Fertility issues can be a real worry, especially if you are hoping to conceive and become pregnant soon. If you have any doubts about your fertility levels and your ability to conceive, speak with your doctor. Your doctor may be able to help assess your current condition and see if there are any reasons that you shouldn’t be able to conceive in a conventional manner. 

If you do have fertility issues, you may be a candidate for IVF treatment to help you conceive.  

Know Your Body and Your Cycle

Understanding where you are in your cycle is going to be a huge help if you are trying to conceive. Knowing which days you will be ovulating will give you the chance to make sure that you’re trying to conceive on those days. 

Make sure that your partner is aware of where you are in your cycle too. You need to make the most of every opportunity to improve your chances of getting pregnant. 

Use a fertility tracker app to keep up to date on where you are on your cycle and have reminders set on your phone to prompt you. 

You may also want to monitor your temperature when at the times when you’re actively trying to conceive. 

Give Up Smoking And Drinking to Improve your Chances of Conceiving

Smoking when pregnant is something that should be completely avoided if you want to conceive a baby. You’re exposing your unborn baby to your smoke. If you’re a smoker, you’ll need to quit when you become pregnant. 

When you are actively trying to have a baby, you could fall pregnant days or weeks before you actually find out. If you’ve been smoking during that early stage in the pregnancy, it could cause your baby harm.

Give up smoking as you’re trying to conceive. This will make sure you’ve stopped by the time you become pregnant. 

Drinking should also be avoided during your attempts at conception. 

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Take Care Of Your Body If You are Trying to Get Pregnant

Get your body ready for what you will put it through in pregnancy. Make sure that you are eating the right balanced diet that is rich in fruit and veg. Make sure that you’re getting all of your minerals and vitamins, and that you’re getting plenty of protein. 

Pay attention to your sleep routine, and make sure that you’re still getting as close to a full 8 hours as possible each night.  The first step to improve your chances of conceiving in your 40s.