How to Focus on Your Goals and Achieve More

goal setting list

When asked what your New Year’s resolution is, you may say “exercise more often.” That is not a goal, but a vague statement. If you state with certainty, “exercise 20 minutes every other day,” then you are setting a goal that is focused and achievable.

Let’s explore a couple of techniques on how to focus on your goals and achieve more results.

Make a List

Perhaps you may have applied for a specific job, and decided to make a list describing your strengths and weaknesses. The same focus is needed to list your goals in order to achieve them, with one exception. Add a third column indicating a timeline. For example: Let’s assume you want to quit smoking. This will be the title of your worksheet. In the first column, list the number of cigarettes you smoke a week.

The second column will feature the cost of purchasing cigarettes, and the third column will feature how much you cut down each week. Eventually, the number of cigarettes versus the cost will decrease the amount in column three. It is realistic, effective, and sends a subliminal message to your subconscious indicating the cost is outweighing the effect.

Prepare a Chart

In an Australian TV series about a cattle ranch run by women, the overseer had a chart in her room. It was her five-year goal. On the chart, she listed her educational pursuits; her first jobs; and her eventual goals, with her ultimate goal listed at the bottom. The uniqueness of the chart was akin to a chart one may obtain to list a family tree.

Every goal met was checked off. Using red and black pens to underscore certain achievements, she was well on her way to her final goal; that of owning her own cattle ranch. In this case scenario, art did imitate life.

Charts are a way in which one can really focus and measure their ability to attain certain goals. If additional education is required; add that to the chart. If an internship is needed to obtain a prime spot in an organization; add that as well.

Charts are maps which not only give direction, but keep us on the right path to success. So often we veer off, only to find we are lost and unable to navigate our way back. So too, a chart is a constant reminder of where we’ve been, and where we are going.

Focus on Your Goals

The next time you are determined to reach a new goal in your life, write down the steps that will guide you to it. Be specific in your detail, and use it as a roadmap to achievement. Focus on it; memorize it, and become empowered by it. You’ll never fail, not at 40, not at 50 or more.