Want to find out how to really burn belly fat? Many studies show that the people with the largest belly bulge are at the most risk for life-threatening diseases. Here is a 9 minute workout that will target your core and up your calorie burn to get rid of that belly fat.

Years ago, abs workouts were all about lying on the floor doing crunches. And while sit-ups definitely work your core, they don’t do a lot to burn away the fat that’s hiding your (future) six-pack. Today, we know that the best abs routines take a two-pronged approach: They target your core and they torch a ton of calories (so you can see that muscle you’ve been working so hard to build).

How to Burn Belly Fat:

Yes, there are some exercises like the plank and side plank that you’ll hold for a while, but there are also multi-muscle movements that get your entire body working. The planks allow you to deeply activate your abs even while you “rest,” and the fast-paced movements (like the knee tucks) get you moving athletically for big-time calorie burn.

As a result, you’ll torch more fat as you seriously blast your abs. For more workouts that will burn belly fat fast like these, check out ALL IN 18, from Women’s Health.

It’ll help you torch belly fat and tone every inch of your body in almost no time! Via womenshealthmag.com

Fat Burning Foods

Once you’ve found the exercises to lose belly fat that work for you, there are a few changes you can make to your diet to get rid of belly fat quickly by eating fat burning foods.  If you’re wondering how to lose belly fat in a week, these foods will help you along your way.

By speeding up your metabolism, they help your body use up more calories.  But, the best way to lose weight from your stomach is a combination of these foods and the exercises for a flatter belly that we already outlined.  That said, here are a few of the best fat burning foods to help you lose stomach fat.

  • Spicy food – it helps speed up metabolism
  • No sugar – a key change you need to make to loose that belly
  • Pineapple – contains a huge amount of bromelain, an enzyme in fat burning foods that helps break down protein
  • Eat natural foods – vegetables, meat, dairy – stay away from processed
  • Water – stay away from juices and sugary sodas
  • Dark chocolate – it contains certain flavanols that help lower blood sugar and decrease fat
  • Fatty fish – fish like salmon, mackerel and sardines contain omega-3 fatty acids that some studies have shown help you to burn belly fat

Add this drink to burn belly fat while you sleep and you will be flab free in no time!

How to Burn Belly Fat in Under 10 Minutes

What If Diet and Exercises to Lose Belly Fat Don’t Work?

As you you get older, you might be wondering how to lose belly even more because your metabolism slows down and your hormones fluctuate.  This means that you need less calories than you did before, which, unfortunately, means you have reduce your meal portions or you end up trying to figure out how to burn belly fat fast when you’re eating the same things you have all your life.

Stress also plays a huge part in spoiling your struggles to lose stomach fat. While you might reach for sugar or junk food to calm your nerves – and this doesn’t help to lose belly fat – your body also produces cortisol when you are stressed. Cortisol increases the amount of fat that sticks around especially in the belly area and many times results in visceral fat, which causes disease. That means one way how to lose belly fat can simply be by relaxing more and taking part in some self care.

Finally, lack of sleep has been linked to weight gain. You really can lose weight by sleeping more! So, if dietary changes and those flat stomach exercises aren’t working, try changing your sleeping habits or finding a way to relax more if you still find yourself asking how to lose stomach fat.