You know the importance of exercise, of course but how much exercising is too much? In an attempt to improve your health, both physically and mentally, taking time out to keep fit is something you know you should do.

However, care needs to be taken. Some people can get a little too addicted to exercise, and others can push themselves too hard in a bid to reach their fitness goals. When they exercise too much, the following can become true. So, have a read, and if you relate to what we say, take a rest day, because you might just need it. 

4 Warning Signs You’re Working Out A Little Too Much

#1:You experience prolonged muscle soreness

After particularly intense workouts, your body needs time to recover. Any muscular pains or soreness you feel should go away after a day, and you will then be able to get back on your feet again. But if you skip the recovery process and head straight back into exercise, not only will you feel prolonged muscle soreness, but you could do yourself a serious injury too. A chiropractor or physiotherapist can help you with your pain, but to protect yourself, you really should rest up more often. 

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#2: You feel symptoms of withdrawal

Withdrawal symptoms are common to anybody with an addiction to something. These can include feelings of irritability, stress, and anxiety. So, if you are addicted to fitness, and you feel these symptoms when you can’t fit a workout session into your busy schedule, then it’s probably likely that you have developed an addiction to exercise. Some would say this isn’t as bad an addiction as smoking or drinking, but when your psychological well-being is under threat, you do need to recognize its seriousness. 

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#3: You’re missing out on other things

If you’re constantly at the gym or taking part in fitness activities outdoors, you will be missing out on other aspects of your life. These include time with family and friends, and your personal hobbies may get neglected too.

Exercise is important but there has to be a balance, so don’t let other things take a back seat for the sake of your fitness program. If you still want to concentrate on exercise, you could always involve your family and friends. However, as rest is important too, take time out to chill and relax with the people in your life during your downtime. 

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#4: You regularly fall ill

It’s a bit of paradox this one as exercise is supposed to boost your immune system. But studies suggest too much exercise can actually have the opposite effect and lower your immune system, which you might have discovered for yourself if you have fallen prey to colds and infections. So, remember to include rest days into your schedule to give your immune system time to recover. You will then feel the benefits of exercise without the risk of falling ill on a regular basis. 

So, now you know how much exercising is too much. You might be if you have related to any of the warning signs, so heed our advice. Remember to rest and recover, and factor in those other things you enjoy into your schedule.