Due to Covid-19, you may be experiencing fear and anxiety physical symptoms just thinking about it. If you have been struggling with the sudden shift in the world, you might be feeling a sense of coronavirus-induced anxiety. While you might understand the physical health risks of Covid-19, people rarely mention the mental health facets of a pandemic. 

A global health crisis results in the world shifting immeasurably. The economic climate of the world has gone from feeling positive and buoyant to feeling uncertain and nervous. Just six short months ago, you were probably planning your annual summer vacation, looking to do some home improvements, and looking forward to applying for a promotion. Now, these plans have been put on hold as you struggle to come to terms with the havoc wreaked by coronavirus.

If you are struggling with coronavirus-induced anxiety physical symptoms, follow this guide to help alleviate some of your worries to help you find a more positive outlook on life once again.

Your Job

If you are one of the unlucky individuals who have found their job under threat by the economic upheaval that the pandemic has caused, you need to realize that you are not alone. Many industries have been hit hard by the novel coronavirus. Hospitality bookings are down, people aren’t heading out to restaurants, and the retail market is in the doldrums. If you work in one of these sectors, coronavirus will have hit you hard and you may find that your position is at risk. The thought of losing your job may fill you with dread. How are you going to pay your rent or mortgage and are you going to find another job quickly?

Remember not to take redundancy personally. It can be tough to lose your job but this isn’t a comment on your skillset or expertise. Sadly, you need to be let go to ensure the survival of a business or company. By thinking rationally about redundancy, you can think more positively about the future.

While redundancy can cause anxiety, you can also begin to think about losing your job as an opportunity. You may have already been thinking about seeking employment elsewhere. If you were finding your job tedious and you lacked job satisfaction, you can now proactively use this redundancy as a chance to change your professional life for the better. Consider retraining for a new career. Even though you may have to start lower on the career ladder, you can head home from your job feeling more fulfilled at the end of every day. Just because you are a finance bod doesn’t mean that you can’t retrain to be a teacher, a nurse, or a gardener.


Many parents were faced with some difficult back-to-school decisions.  As a parent, you may wish you had more information than what is available, and this may cause you to feel nervous.  It is not easy navigating with a lot of unknowns, but it is important to remember that you are doing your best to make decisions with the information available to you at the time.  Rather than second-guessing yourself, experiencing parent guilt, and obsessively chewing over the decision, feel confident about your decision and focus on the next steps. 

Anxiety Physical Symptoms

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While it might sound like something of a hippy concept, meditation is a great way to relax. Don’t assume that you have to wear a tie-dye shirt, sit crossed legged and chant as you enjoy the sweet scent of incense sticks. Doctors are now choosing to prescribe courses of meditation and mindfulness as an alternative to medication to help people with anxiety. Think about coupling meditation with the use of cbd oil to help you maintain a sense of calm and relaxation.

Embarking on a course of meditation and mindfulness is great to help retrain your thought processes in a more effective way. You can learn to live in the present rather than worry about what may not even happen in the future. Alongside yoga, you can learn postures that will maintain your flexibility and strengthen your core. Yoga is a mindful exercise that keeps your mind focused rather than diverting your thoughts to more negative worries. With breathing exercises, you can channel your thoughts in a more positive way.

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Because of the lockdowns that have been introduced, our social mobility has been limited in recent months. For those of us who are more sociable beings and have jam-packed calendars, we may struggle to cope with being cooped up indoors. This can lead to feelings of isolation and anxiety. To cope with this, sign up to Zoom or Skype and stay in touch with your pals and family virtually. You can still converse with your friends and have laughs without getting bogged down in coronavirus loneliness. 

Set a time each week to have a Zoom meeting with mates. You can do a virtual quiz, enjoy cooking a meal together, or even have a self-isolation disco. These fun virtual events, when planned into your schedule, can give you something to look forward to and help you to alleviate some of your anxieties. While you might not be able to be physically together, you can still keep in touch and stay social.

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As lockdowns have eased, outdoor meetings are viable. Meet up with your pal in a park and enjoy getting some fresh air. Being outdoors can help to alleviate anxiety by lowering your blood pressure and lifting your mood. It has been scientifically proven that immersing yourself in greenery and nature can regulate your circadian rhythm helping you to sleep better and stimulates the release of dopamine, making you feel happier.

Do Something New

With more time on our hands, we have more time to think and this can lead to anxiety physical symptoms manifesting. This is not necessarily a good thing if you are one of those thinkers who find intrusive and negative irrational thoughts pop into their head. You may find yourself worrying about things that never come to fruition. To channel your thoughts elsewhere, think about doing something new. With more time on your hands, you could learn the cello, learn a new language, brush up on your baking skills, or set about training for a marathon from the comfort of the treadmill in your own home. This can help you focus on a worthwhile pursuit rather than letting your thoughts run away with you.

Anxiety is more rife than ever in the age of coronavirus. The world has shifted like never before and the entire globe is in uncharted territory. With Covid-19 showing no signs of abating, the pandemic is continuing to wreak havoc. Follow this guide and you can alleviate your worries to help protect your mental health.

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10 Things to Focus on Right Now

1. Focus on Others

Vulnerability can drive individuals into themselves, causing them to feel disconnected and defenseless. The best way around this is to go the other way, growing your association with others-zeroing in on helping them change their negatives into positives. The more you contribute in this way, the less you will stress over your own circumstance. You will end up being a wellspring of certainty for every other person.

2. Focus on Your Connections

In questionable times, individuals become terrified about the feasibility of their “items”- the things they sell and the positions they hold. A more vital reaction here is to dismiss your own self and focus on developing every one of your relationships with family, companions, colleagues, providers, customers, clients and possibilities. Each time you fortify a relationship, you will both reap the reward.

3. Focus on Abundance

Focusing on abundance is to focus on the long term. Just because you don’t have something right now does not mean that you will never have it.  For example, if you can’t go on that vacation right now does not mean it is forever, maybe it will be next year.  Someone else getting a bonus or raise doesn’t mean that there is one on the way for you as well.

When you focus on what you have and all the good in your life, you can feel happy and pleased for another person’s successes, because what they received is not taking away from what you have.

4. Focus on the Chances You Do Have

Things you had and may have underestimated once in a while vanish. A few people never get over this. They continue attempting to replay their old games. A better way of thinking is to begin a completely new game-utilizing novel thoughts, new energies, new apparatuses and new assets. As the world changes, openings unexpectedly become accessible to accomplish definitely more than you could possibly do previously.

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5. Focus on Your Progress

As consequence of certain changes, things may not be as simple as they used to be. New challenges can either vanquish you or uncover new qualities. Your body’s muscles get more stronger with each weight you lift. What is valid for the “muscles” also works for you in your psyche, your soul and your character. Treat this entire time of challenge as a step forward to where you need to be.

6. Focus on Right Now

“What’s to come” is a deliberation. It doesn’t exist aside from as a thought. The only future that has any the truth is simply the one that you consistently make for yourself as the day’s commitments, accomplishments and results. This is an incredible opportunity to disregard each one of those people who never observed the current conditions coming. Zero in on what you can do through the span of every 24 hours and you’ll be the master of your future.

7. Focus on Who You Can Be

Numerous individuals characterize themselves by outside conditions. When these suddenly or surprisingly change, they don’t have the foggiest idea what their identity is, so they continue attempting to be who they used to be. Starting now and into the foreseeable future, focus on your fantasies, goals, values and working standards. Exploit the outside conditions to become self-guided, self-guided and self-persuaded. Leave that fear and anxiety physical symptoms behind.

8. Focus on What You Can Control

As you have heard a million times, you cannot control what happens to you but you can control how you react to it. The most reliably effective individuals on the planet realize they can’t control occasions however consistently move in the direction of a more positive reaction to deal with the event.


9. Focus on What’s Accessible

At the point when things are changing for the worse, many resources we might rely on are definitely absent including data, information,work force and abilities. These inefficiencies can incapacitate numerous individuals, who accept they can’t make the right choices and make a move. Work with each asset  and opportunity that is available within reach, and your confidence and abilities will persistently develop.

10. Focus on Your Appreciation

At the point when things become difficult, everybody needs to settle on a central choice: to whine or to be appreciative. In a world where negative supposition is uncontrolled, the outcomes of this choice are a lot more noteworthy. Griping just draws in pessimistic musings and individuals. Appreciation, then again, makes the open door for the best reasoning, activities and results to develop. Zero in on all that you are appreciative for, use this and open yourself every day to the be best that you can.

Ego says, “Once everything falls into place, I’ll feel peace.” Spirit says, “Find your peace, and then everything will fall into place.” – Marianne Williamson

We don’t need all the answers right now. Start with peace and the rest will fall into place…and likely in better ways than you could have ever imagined!