Garage sales are events that need detailed planning. Most of the time, planning for it takes a week or two, and it could be tedious. Holding a garage sale can be a lot of work but we can all use a little more cash right? Well that cash might just be sitting right in front of you – or in the basement – or in that closet! If you are not using it, you don’t love it or you don’t need it – out it goes. Someone else will give it the lovin it deserves.

So for you to effectively hold a garage sale that is exciting and profitable at the same time, here are the things you can do in this step by step garage sale guide:

1. Make an inventory. Check out which of your things you’d like to go and which of it you’d like to stay. The first thing you have to consider of course is what items would compose of your garage sale.

2. Prepare for it. Prepare your items and prepare your garage. Also, make sure that you have all equipment for the sale ready. These include paper bags, plastic containers, tables, a cash register, and even garage sale personnel, if needed.

3. Consider every detail. Setup the definite date and time of your garage sale, so you can post signs accordingly. Call your neighbors and inform them of the event. Designate each table in your garage so that you can easily refer to customers should they need assistance. Group your items accordingly.

4. Sell foods and refreshments. You can add this to your income. You can sell food to your hungry customers and drinks to the quenched. Many people do this and they earn from it too.

5. Add pizzazz. You can hold a raffle at the end of the day. You can also put special markings on some items and designate these as “treasures”. Reward the people who will end up buying them. Or think of something more exciting so that your garage sale is sure to be a real hit.

6. Keep your earnings and valuables. You held a garage sale with the intention of earning some extra out of your old things. It wouldn’t be a good episode if you got robbed or lost something instead of earning. Make sure that you lock your house doors. Watch your personal belongings, including your earnings.

7. Keep things orderly. You customers will have a wonderful experience with your garage sale if everything is neat and orderly. Make sure that you put things back properly on the shelf or on the table. Also, rid the whole place of trash and garbage often.

Garage sales can really be fun and can be profitable. Just make sure you follow these guidelines and you are sure to look forward to your next one!