What is midlilfe? When does “midlife” occur? There is a lot of talk about a midlife crisis – which is why there are simple ways to avoid a midlife crisis – but what is it? When exactly is midlife? Well according to many people, midlife occurs between 40 and 60.

Mostly, this is because “the change” kicks in for women in in this time, and their hormones change to accommodate their newly changing body, too. It leaves women feeling sensitive, emotional, angry and anxious, and the feeling that their best days are behind them begins to kick in.

These feelings trigger what is widely known as a “midlife crisis”. Women – and men! – make irrational decisions while trying to reconnect with their youth. Instead of realizing that they have everything to live for, they try to look back and grab the years they’ve already lived.

They indulge in a new car, dress like a teenager and go in for the FUE hair transplant they always wanted but didn’t have the nerve to get. You see, this crisis is all about a “lost youth”, but you didn’t lose your youth. You lived it. 

Now? Now isn’t the time to be in crisis. Now is the time to feel like you’ve arrived. You’ve raised your children into healthy and confident teenagers. You’ve got a home that’s yours and you are still best of friends with your love.

Those things are something you strived for and achieved. You may not be 21 anymore, but that doesn’t mean you’re not out there and living your best life. So, let’s take a look at 4 ways you can avoid sinking into the midlife crisis of overpriced Porsche cars and wild love affairs. 

Who needs a midlife crisis when midlife should be celebrated?

Take Pride in Your Accomplishments

Start by thinking about the things that you have accomplished. A 21 year old you wouldn’t have a secure home, a loving marriage or happy teenagers. You wouldn’t have felt as confident about your body as you do right now (hello, hair transplant!). You wouldn’t have gone on safari, emigrated to Australia or been to Disneyworld. Not by 21. So, look at what you’ve accomplished in your life and be thankful you’ve lived those days so far – with more to come.

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Make a Bucket List

Make a list of things you’d like to achieve in the next decade. It’s easy to panic about your mortality, but what about what you could do with it? If you are 40 or older now, that doesn’t mean your life is over. Far from it.  You have possibly got another 40 years or more of living to do – how do you want to spend it? The possibilities are endless. 

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Take Care of Yourself

Eat well and start taking better care of yourself. There is nothing stopping you from getting into the best shape of your life right now so that you can prolong your days. You may have realized your own mortality but that isn’t anything to be scared about! You are important.

Find the Joy In Your Life

Laugh. Honestly, make a point of being with the people who love you and who you love. Laugh, dance, be the 21 year old in spirit, but do it with the confidence of a woman who has truly lived.

The way that you feel right now is scary at first – realizing your youth has passed. But you haven’t lost anything because that 21 year old has seen and done things that she could only have imagined. And now she is you; a confident, healthy, secure woman with more life than anything else to live! Who needs a midlife crisis when midlife should be celebrated?

How to Tell If Your Spouse is Having Midlife Crisis?

If your spouse is going through a midlife crisis some tips to cope include:

  1. Focus on Yourself and Your Children.
  2. Set Clear Boundaries With Your Spouse.
  3. Process Your Anger in a Healthy Way.
  4. Don’t Initiate Relationship Talks With Your Spouse.
  5. Listen Without Passing Judgment.
  6. Get Into Therapy.