When was the last time you thought about your feet or foot health? If you’re like most people, you probably haven’t really considered them for quite some time. We do tend to take our feet for granted and don’t acknowledge how much we use them until we can’t because they hurt or have developed blisters or calluses. 

However, it’s because our feet are so important that we do need to take such good care of our feet, and pay close attention to foot health so that any issues they might be developing are caught early and can be dealt with. They carry us everywhere our whole lives and they deserve some respect and TLC. 

Whether it’s a cooling foot spray needed for sore feet at the end of a long day, or it’s something more invasive that needs to be carried out to give us our mobility again, it’s crucial that we don’t ignore the signs. 

So just what is it about our feet that is so important? Why do we need to pay more attention to them and care for them better? Read on to find out; knowing the answer might help you to remember that you need to do more for your feet. 

Better Quality of Life

There is so much can go wrong with feet, if we consider their complexity and the amount of work they do. Walking, standing, running and carrying excessive weight can damage our feet over time. Stuffing them in ill fitting shoes or high heels, neglecting our toe nails and common conditions like diabetes can also have adverse effects on feet.

If our feet are unhealthy and not working optimally, we end up leading an increasingly sedentary lifestyle and this is one of the leading causes of disease. As we age, chronic foot pain and common foot problems such as tendinitis, bunions, and arthritis can increasingly limit your mobility.

When you are more active, you have a better quality of life. You can perform more daily chores and tasks, such as walking to the shops, driving, even going out to visit friends and family, playing sports, standing to cook a meal, or playing with your children. Imagine trying to do any of these things – and plenty more – with sore feet. It would be terribly uncomfortable, possibly very painful, and you won’t be able to do all the things you want to. 

If you take care of your feet you will be able to continue to do these things, ensuring that your quality of life is not affected and your freedom is not curtailed due to any medical issues. 

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Go Barefoot for Positive Vibes 

The latest craze of Earthing or walking barefoot in nature is not just something for hipsters. Even scientific research has shown that connecting with the earth directly on our bare feet has numerous health benefits. When we draw electrons directly into our bodies from the earth, it  is shown to improve sleep and reduce pain.

Walking around barefoot on the soil, grass and sand feels good for legitimate reasons. It also helps to reconnect us to the positive senses that our modern lifestyle has become separate from and can reduce the stress that we place on our feet daily. We can even go one “step” further and do yoga barefoot on the ground and really ramp up the positive vibes.

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Avoid Body Pain

How do you pick up a pair of shoe? If comfort is one of the most important parameters on your list, then you are safe. Wearing a wrong pair of footwear can cause body pain. And a continuous use of such uncomfortable shoes can also lead to bad posture and vertebral pain. When selecting running shoes, it is always best that you avoid buying cheap and substandard brands.

Avoid Weight Issues

If foot problems are allowed to fester, they can affect mobility and this can have an impact on weight control or a reduction in cardiovascular health. For some people this is a vicious cycle, as increased weight can itself lead to foot pain, with one study showing that obese adults over 60 years of age were significantly more likely to suffer from foot pain than those with lower BMIs.

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So What is Basic Good Foot Care?

It’s clear to see why taking care of your feet should be a priority in your life, but how can it be done? Is it something that someone without any medical training can do? The answer is yes; you should be able to take care of your feet at home, without any additional help, although if there is a bigger problem, a doctor is always a good place to go. 

 Something to add to your daily routine is a foot inspection. You can do this after your shower, or just before bed, for example, and it’s a simple procedure. You simply need to check over your feet for any blisters or redness, or any lumps, or anything unusual that shouldn’t be there or that causes you pain. 

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The next thing to do for proper foot health is to wash your feet daily. It’s easy to remember to wash your hands as you can see them and you use them all the time. Your feet are just as important to be washed, although once a day is fine. Make sure you wash between each toe and rinse the soap or properly. 

Keeping your feet moisturized with foot lotions, especially in winter months, will help prevent the skin on your feet from getting dry and cracked.