So you are looking forward to another first date what to do about those nerves that everyone gets? First dates are one of the most anxiety-inducing things you will ever do. Before you even arrive you’re worrying about whether you’ll even like them, and whether they’ll like you. What if there are awkward silences? How will you end the date early if you’re having a terrible time?

All of this anxiety can stop people from dating, but if you want to meet somebody, you need to put yourself out there. The trick is finding ways to beat the anxiety so you can stay comfortable and relaxed. Here’s how you can curb first date anxiety. 

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Make Sure You’re Ready To Date

The first step in beating your anxiety is knowing whether you are actually ready to date again. Everyone experiences ups and downs after a breakup, but if you’re still finding yourself feeling lonely six months later, it might be time to start looking for someone else. If you’re constantly wishing your ex was back or canceling plans because you don’t want to go out and meet someone, you’re not ready.

If you are forcing yourself to date when you are still healing from a breakup and you aren’t ready to meet somebody new, this will only make your anxiety worse. So, consider whether now is really the right time or not. 

Try CBD Products

CBD is a natural anxiety reliever, so it can help you keep calm and relaxed when you are on your date. There are a number of products available on the market, so you can find one that fits in with your lifestyle. For instance, if you don’t want to smoke, consider using CBD oil or edibles. Using CBD products an hour or so before you have your date can help to manage that anxiety so you can focus on getting to know your date. 

Go Somewhere You Feel Comfortable

If you choose a very busy place for your date, where there are lots of people around, this can be very intimidating and make you feel anxious. Instead, find somewhere a bit quieter where you feel at ease so you can relax and chat to your date without feeling uncomfortable.

Think about choosing some place low-key and quiet but still somewhere with good food and drink. Don’t feel the need to go somewhere fancy and over the top if that’s not the kind of place you feel comfortable. 

Come Up With Conversation Starters

On a first date what to do about those butterflies can be as simple as having some things prepared ahead of time. Some people have no problem with first dates and talking to strangers, but if you’re not one of these people, coming up with topics that will keep the conversation going can help. Think about some common interests you share or things that are happening in your life at the moment.

If there is something on the news recently about a subject you both care about, then this is a great conversation starter. You also want to avoid anything too personal at first, so steer clear of talking about your past relationships, for example. It can feel a bit forced using conversation starters but it’s a good way to avoid those dreaded awkward silences. 

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The key thing to remember is that they are just as nervous as you are and that’s fine. Just try to enjoy yourself and don’t let nerves get in the way. 

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