Ruth Lee’s beauty blogger’s belly photo took off on the internet. Ruth Lee has a gorgeous Instagram account where she regularly posts adorable photos of her 4-month-old daughter Presley and her handsome husband Dakota and demonstrates the latest highlighters and hair extensions.

Instead, the 25-year-old — who did everything she could to stay healthy and active during her pregnancy including using “every kind of stretch mark prevention you could think of” — was horrified by her belly. “I couldn’t believe it was me,” she wrote.

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“I followed SO many pregnant models during my pregnancy. And when they photographed themselves pool-side 5 minutes postpartum, I thought, ‘Wow! I hope that happens to me!’”

The pic showed her belly with stretch marks and gauze covering her C-section scar. Most of her Instagram Posts look like this:

And then she posted this…..

Ruth Lee Before and After

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Lee said she was terrified to post the photo, but wanted others to know the reality and raw beauty of a real post-baby belly.

“As a society we have essentially lumped stretch marks and scars and all of those ‘negative’ things with pregnancy into kind of an ‘ugly’ category,” the married mom tells Us Weekly. “We’re taught to hide it or get rid of it. But having those signs of your baby and your pregnancy on your body forever — that is the most beautiful idea in the whole world.” Via

But there are so many things that happen and are true that no one talks about once moms enter the postpartum season. All those things that happen to EVERYONE and that many times leave us feeling like there is something wrong with us, because why wouldn’t someone share that?

Don’t worry about not looking as before. I know it’s hard because we are used to the body we’ve stared at for years and it’s no longer there. But now we get a new body. One that brought a baby into this world. Be proud of that. And you lost the baby weight. Congrats! As long as you are healthy, you are good. That’s important. Everything else is extra. 🙂