Why are fashion tips for women 40 plus important? Chances are if you have hit 40 you do not want to look like a frump nor do you want to look like you raided your teen daughters closet either. When you know what to look for, it will make your style come together easily.

Don’t fret over finding fashionable clothes if you 40+. You don’t need to compete with the skinny teens, but you don’t need to put being hot on the shelf either. The older you get the more beautiful you get and your wardrobe should play up that beauty. So, women over 40 work that beauty and play it up!

Here are some wardrobe & shopping tips anyone over 40 can use:


Know what colors complement you and stick to those colors

Know what colors complement you

What colors complement the color of your skin? What colors complement the color of your hair? When you look in the mirror do the colors look vibrant and attractive? Or do they look dry and dull?

Buy long skirts of varying styles and have them hemmed based upon what you feel most comfortable with

Buy long skirtsRemember if you don’t feel totally comfortable in what you wear it shows. If you are on the short side long skirts will only make you look shorter, so be careful with that.

Buy shoes that have a heel, there is something so hot about wearing heels!

Buy shoes that have a heelYou just feel so womanly. Go with what is most comfortable. You don’t have to feel obligated to wear them real high. Wear what makes you feel good. Try to buy a casual pair of heels, dressy heels for a night out and one random color like red or blue to spice it up!

Get a good bra and shapeware – it makes a difference!

Get a good bra and shapewareAt least 30% of women wear the wrong size bra. Until you have a suitable fitting bra, you have no idea that your super uncomfortable, back ache inducing, bra that rubs you in all the wrong places is actually the wrong size for you.. Oh and shapewear will hide the bumps and bulges and make you look 10 lbs slimmer. Your welcome.


Lastly, our fashion tips for women 40 plus is to not forget to work on your inner beauty and the attitude. Inner beauty is what brings it all together. If you are only beautiful on the outside and rough around the edges on the inside…it cancels out the beauty on the outside.

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Have you ever known someone who is just gorgeous, but you can’t stand their attitude? Being beautiful doesn’t really matter to you anymore because their attitude stinks. Remember to nurture the inner woman so the whole package is beautiful and something that people are drawn to.

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Getting older can make shopping a little more interesting. However, shopping is to be enjoyed at any age. Just take these fashion tips for women 40 plus  with you when you shop and have a ball baby!