We are women right? We are made a little different and whatever exercise routines for women we chose, they need to be right for us. Whether you want to get fit, lose weight and build muscle with one of these routines, it is up to you. One size does not always fit all.  It doesn’t matter if you’re a fitness pro or looking to start your fitness journey we’ve got something for you here. Check out these Exercise Routines For Women:

Torch Fat Strength Routine

womenshealthmag.comThis simple (no cardio!) routine from trainer Heidi Powell, coauthor of Extreme Transformation: Lifelong Weight Loss in 21 Days, created exclusively for Women’s Health, uses supersets to give you a dash of that added metabolic benefit. Just three workouts per week will keep your fat-burning potential humming so you can drop up to 10 pounds in no time. Do them on nonconsecutive days so your muscles can fully recover. Read more…


The Best Exercises For Good Arms

arm excercisesThe number one body part that 100% is not as skinny as it was in college/highschool? Your arms. Don’t deny it; you used to show off your skinny arms in pics by striking a hand-on-hip pose or popping your collarbone while stretttcchiiing your arm out. But with each passing year, the skinny arm gets less skinny. It’s a tragedy, really. Nowadays, you check every photo to make sure your one sausage arm (how is it possible to have one fat arm?) is hidden behind your enormous bag, linked with your bestie so no one can tell whose arm is whose, or obscured by a giant cocktail. In fact, 90% of your untagged photos these days are because of the appearance of #giantarm, despite the fact that your outfit is fly and you’re standing in natural light.

Here are seven quick and easy exercises you can do to get that skinny arm back so you’ll never have to sacrifice a photo with good lighting again. Read more…


12 Minute Belly Fat Workout : 12 Minute Rapid Flat Stomach Exercise For Women

If you’re suffering with many problems from your belly fat, this video will show you about “How To Flat Stomach Fat” within 7 – 10 days. In this video, you will find out the most effective exercises to reduce belly fat or to get rid of your belly fat in 7 – 10 days, that you can do it at your own home.


7 Best Abs Exercises for Women to Get Quick Result

You hear it all medium.comday err’ day work your abs, abs, abs. It’s the base of every workout routine, and the body part you most want to show off come summertime. But who the hell has the time to do crunch after crunch, only to see barely a smidgen of definition? Not you. That’s why we went to the pros to find out exactly which moves will make a noticeable difference, fast. It’s the base of every workout routine, and the body part you most want to show off come summertime. But who the hell has the time to do crunch after crunch, only to see barely a smidgen of definition? Not you.
That’s why we went to the pros to find out exactly which moves will make a noticeable difference, fast  Read more…

Bonus Exercise Routines For Women: Looking to strengthen your back or work your shoulders?

 And Now for The Best Must Try Exercise Routines for Women you were waiting for:









Why Taking a Hot Bath Might Be as Good for Your Health as Exercise

Many cultures swear by the benefits of a hot bath. But only recently has science began to understand how passive heating (as opposed to getting hot and sweaty from exercise) improves health.

At Loughborough University we investigated the effect of a hot bath on blood sugar control (an important measure of metabolic fitness) and on energy expended (number of calories burned). We recruited 14 men to take part in the study. They were assigned to an hour-long soak in a hot bath (40 degrees Celsius) or an hour of cycling. The activities were designed to cause a 1 degrees Celsius rise in core body temperature over the course of one hour.

It seems that activities that increase heat shock proteins may help to improve blood sugar control and offer an alternative to exercise. These activities—such as soaking in a hot tub or taking a sauna—may have health benefits for people who are unable to exercise regularly. Hopefully our future investigations, coupled with those of other groups worldwide, will help to establish the true potential of passive heating as a therapeutic tool. Read more…