Hi visibility trousers are just one type of garment you have at your disposal if you are looking for high visibility workware for your workforce. Nevertheless, simply purchasing the right Hi Vis workwear is only part of the challenge when achieving compliance. You also need to ensure that it is maintained properly. 

Visibility clothing should be one part of your overall safety management plan. From having breathing apparatus available for emergency situations to providing safe working boots, the options are endless and depending on your specific working environment. 

When Hi Vis clothing leaves the store, it should be in immaculate condition, as manufacturers have to adhere to stringent regulations when it comes to design, pattern, colour contrast, and luminance. However, once your workers start to wear their Hi Vis workwear, it will soon suffer from wear and tear and become dirty. It’s important to recognise that this can affect the compliance of the workwear clothing, so it’s important to know more about maintaining Hi Vis garments. 

Overall, it is the employer who is responsible for ensuring that PPE requirements are adhered to so all workers are safe and healthy. Nevertheless, your employees do need to follow your rules regarding PPE. Therefore, you need to brief your employees on what is expected from them when it comes to their Hi Vis clothing. If you make them aware of the specifications regarding Hi Vis clothing, they will be able to play their role in identifying any dirt or damage that could compromise safety. 

Largely it does come down to common sense when determining how often these clothes need washed. After all, those who work in the oil industry, for example, are going to need to wash their Hi Vis garments more frequently, as they will get dirty quickly. 

The good news is that washing the likes of Hi Vis vests and hi visibility trousers are fairly easy, as all manufacturers are required to include clear laundry instructions on the label. This is law. These instructions do vary, but generally they state to wash at a low temperature and avoid fabric softeners. 

Why Personalised High Visibility Vests Are A Good Idea

High visibility vests are a must in a number of different working environments. They increase the visibility of the worker, and thus their safety. This is particularly beneficial in the construction industry where workers will often wear Hi Vis shirts and jackets to make sure they are visible to machine operators. When you get your high visibility clothing personalised, you combine branding and safety for maximum effectiveness. 

There are many benefits associated with getting your Hi Vis clothing personalised. Firstly, this can enhance your brand image by a considerable degree if you have your logo printed on the clothing or any other branded message that makes your company recognisable. It will show your business in a more professional light, and your employees will essentially work as free advertising whenever they walk past members of the general public. People will see your company’s name printed on the Hi Vis jacket, and it will stick in their minds. This is one of the best ways to build brand recognition. You will stand out from competing businesses that don’t personalise their Hi Vis clothing. 

However, the benefits of personalisation extend a lot further than this. It can also make the workplace a more efficient one, as it will make it easier for workers to identify the people they need. For example, you could get ‘manager’ or ‘site supervisor’ printed on the applicable jackets. This will ensure workers go to the right people and don’t waste time trying to find the person they are looking for, and it can make them feel more valued too. 

As you can tell, the importance of high visibility vests cannot be overlooked, as they are critical when it comes to the safety of your workers. Nevertheless, the benefits can extend much further than this when you have your Hi Vis clothing personalised. You can also improve efficiency levels, make your workers feel valued, and you can boost your branding strategy. 

Stay Safe, Keep Warm

Hi Vis hooded sweatshirt is the perfect garment for those who work outdoors and need to wear hi visibility clothing to ensure they are safe. This includes those who work on construction sites as well as those who work on the roads. Read on to discover more. 

When we mention Hi Vis workwear, most people immediately think of high visibility vests, as this is what we see the vast majority of workers wear. These vests may be good in the summer, but during the colder months they can be somewhat of an inconvenience. You want to stay wrapped up warm in a jumper or hooded sweatshirt, yet you need to comply with regulations and wear some form of Hi Vis clothing as well. If you’ve got a baggy Hi Vis vest, you could wear this on top of your jumper, but the easiest solution is to simply purchase a Hi Vis hooded sweatshirt instead. This will cut costs, as you don’t need to buy a jumper and a Hi Vis vest, and it can also make your workforce look a lot more professional too. 

Nowadays, brand image is everything, thus you want your workers to be dressed in a way that reflects your business well. This is why it is a good idea to have your Hi Vis workwear personalised so that it includes your logo or the name of your company. By doing this, not only will you stay safe and visible, but your workers will keep warm, ensuring they work effectively, and you will be marketing your company at the same time. 

When you consider all of the points that have been mentioned above, it is not difficult to see why a Hi Vis hooded sweatshirt is something that all workers should think about investing in during the colder months.