Eggs and avocado are among the most nutrient-healthy foods out there. Eggs offer lots of health benefits on their own. Avocados are a perfect source of healthy fats, and they also contain a lot of vitamins and other essential nutrients. My favourite breakfast consists of both eggs and avocado.

Why Are Eggs and Avocado Good For Keto and Low Carb Diets?

The egg white is full of protein, and the egg yolk is an excellent source of fat and nutrients. Containing only 1 gram of carbs in single egg they can keep you feeling full all morning. Avocados are an incredible source of healthy fat, and they contain a lot of vitamins and other essential nutrients.With a mere 2 net carbohydrates per 100 grams, the avocado is a must on the list of acceptable foods on the keto diet. It is low in saturated fats and absent of sodium and cholesterol.

When we chatted with model Erin Heatherton, she gave us her go-to breakfast (aka our two favorite items on one plate): Eggs and avocado. Here’s how to make it like she does, because who doesn’t want to eat breakfast like a model?

Eggs and Avocado Toast 

ingr2 organic free-range eggs

2 slices of whole grain bread – for the low carb version use low carb bread or skip the bread and place eggs on top of avocado slices or into a scooped avocado half

1 quarter of an avocado

1 slice of lemon

A pinch of salt, pepper, and red chili flakes

Coconut Oil Spray

Fresh Parsley


Toast the bread. While it’s toasting, fry two eggs using coconut oil spray on medium/low heat. Cover with lid.

While toast is finishing, cut a slice of lemon and a quarter of avocado and place on plate.

Using a fork, mash the avocado onto the toast and squeeze the lemon wedge on top. Alongside (or on top) place the eggs.

Sprinkle eggs and toast with chili flakes, salt, and pepper to your liking. A dash of olive oil on the toast is also delicious.

Garnish with some fresh parsley and serve with a refreshing glass of lemon water.