During the course of the lockdowns, there was a huge rise in  domestic violence against women. This ranged from stalking to violence at home. If you have suffered at the hands of a partner or spouse, now could be the time to make your move and get out of there. We know that leaving a domestic violence situation can be tough but there are things that you can do to make the process a lot easier.

When it comes to leaving a spouse, it is not as simple as packing a bag and leaving, especially if there are kids involved. And, it is impossible to change the locks on the doors if they have been threatening you with violence. If you are planning on leaving your violent spouse, you need to form a plan to get out of there safely. This might mean getting a friend to help you and barking yourself for the drama and trauma that will follow from leaving a relationship. 

Know your rights

Knowing your rights is one of the things that many victims of abuse forget. In the hail of violence, they forget that they are human beings with a right to live a life free from violence and abuse. As human beings, abuse victims are entitled to help from the police service who have a duty to arrest the abuser.

Domestic violence is not taken seriously and many abusers are allowed to carry on with their hate campaigns. Remember that you are entitled to help and if you feel that your concerns about your safety are not being taken seriously, it might be time to escalate your concerns higher up and get the courts involved.

Document everything

On the back of our previous point, it is important that you document everything. Every act of aggression needs to be documented in order to move forward. This information might be the only thing that helps you during the legal process and gets you the help that you need. By having information about how you have been treated will back your case up.

When there is a lot of abuse, certain incidents can be forgotten and only the bigger ones remembered. This information will help with your separation, convince the police to take action, convince a court to put a court order in place, and it will remind you why you have left in the first place,

Charity help and support

There are a few charities out there that can help you if you have been affected by domestic violence. Not only can they give you advice about what to do, but they can also help you get back on your feet again if you have had to leave in a hurry.

A lot of these charities have been working with domestic violence victims for many years, and a lot of the volunteers were once victims themselves. These people can help you navigate the court system and make sure that you get the support that you need. They will also provide you with the backup that you need if you are feeling overwhelmed and scared during the process.

Seek legal advice

Domestic violence comes in many forms but mental abuse can be the worst. It is the mental aspect that traps people in these relationships and prevents them from moving on. It can even make you doubt your basic rights as a human being. Finding some impassioned legal representation for injury victims can help you get on the right path to freedom.

This point links into knowing your rights point but many people choose to try and battle through this by themselves. If you can, seek out legal help. If you cannot afford a lawyer, a lot of places have schemes that help victims of domestic violence and people on low incomes.

Be strong

One of the hardest things to do is to be strong. Leaving an abusive relationship is hard and many people crumble and go back. If you know that you were unhappy in that relationship, then you need to remind yourself of this every day. You don’t have to relive the abuse, just reminding yourself that you were unhappy is enough.

You deserve all of the happiness in the world, and if your relationship is making you unhappy, it is time to change that by getting out of it. Be strong, remember that you have done the right thing, and always know that there are people out there who will have your back.