Does tea tree oil help acne? Have you ever used it? You should because it is one of the most used natural skincare and hair care products. The good news is that it is used daily for a multitude of conditions without harm. Survey’s say that after Aloe Vera, tea tree oil is the second natural product which is trusted by millions around the world.

If we look at the history, we find that tea tree oil was first used by Australian aboriginals. This was because tea tree oil is obtained from the leaves of Melaleuca tree which is found mostly in Australia. Makes sense right?

Tea tree oil is now widely known and used all over the world. Tea tree oil possess natural elements which has enormous benefits to your skin and hair. Not limited to skin and hair, however,  tea tree oil can make your home smell good. You can do this by spraying mixture of tea tree oil and water. The ability to kill bacteria makes it the best anti-bacteria and anti-septic agent in a natural form.

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Why Does Tea Tree Oil Help Acne?

As we said earlier, tea tree oil has been used by Australian aboriginals for skin care since centuries. Keeping in view the properties it possesses, usage of tea tree oil for acne treatment has become very popular. Acne is one of the most common skin issues. Almost every person on earth face this skin problem at least once during their lifetime.

Acne is normally the result of clogged pores caused by the oil and dirt stuck in the pores where bacteria starts growing and create infection in the skin. Acne may have white head, red heads or even black heads. The main cause of acne is the extra oil produced by the glands inside our skin. When the oil gets stuck in pores, it repels the water and hence no cleansing is possible even if you wash your face. In such situation only acidic or alkaline elements can break this oily layer to get into the pores.

Tea Tree Oil for Acne

Does tee tree oil help acne better than other solutions? The problem with using acidic or alkaline elements is that they may irritate the acne. In this case tea tree oil for acne proves itself as the best natural product.

Tea Tree Oil can enter into the oily layer and it can go deeper in the roots where acne is developing. Does tea tree oil help acne actually kill the bacteria? It kills the bacteria causing infection and letting the acne grow. Once it stops the growth of acne, the acne starts disappearing, like magic!

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Benefits of Using Tea Tree Oil for Skin Care and Acne

* Tea tree oil has the anti-inflammatory properties. If you will apply tea tree oil on acne, it will decrease the pain, irritation and redness.

* Being the natural anti-bacterial, tea tree oil on acne kills the bacteria causing infection and irritation.

* Tea tree oil has proved itself as a good solvent and that’s why it can easily remove the dirt and oil from your skin and clears the clogged pores.

How to Use Tea Tree Oil

* It is not recommended using the pure form of tea tree oil directly on to your skin, especially if you have the sensitive skin. Does tea tree oil help acne if you dilute it? Yes you can dilute it by mixing it with some natural oil like coconut oil before applying on your skin.

* If you are using pure form of tea tree oil, use it only for spot treatment with a Q-Tip. It can be harsh to your skin so avoid using it on the whole face.

* After applying tea tree oil on acne, keep an eye on it and keep checking it from time to time. And avoid covering it with cotton, bandage or anything like that.

* If you see any harsh reaction, like redness or irritation, clean it immediately and stop using it. Consult your dermatologist before using tea tree oil for acne or other skincare problem. More guidance is available on

* Avoid mixing the tea tree oil in other skincare products like moisturizers, facial creams and face masks. Tea tree oil is for spot treatment so don’t apply it on your complete face even by mixing it with skincare products.

* Over use of tea tree oil for acne or other skin problems can be harmful to your skin. It can irritate your skin or the issue. If you are using the pure form of tea tree oil, use only once a day.

* If you spend your day out in sun or if you are planning to go out in sun, don’t use tea tree oil. It can cause irritation.

Keep in mind these precautions if you are using tea tree oil for acne to avoid any undesired results. The the benefits are worth it if you are looking for an effect and natural solution for your acne problems. So does tea tree oil help acne? YES!